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God, it was hot. Brother had been using my parent's sauna for a few months now, but hadn't gotten used to how damn warm it could get; maybe I never would My younger sisters Sauna and Suzanne had never used it and my parents were maybe too old to be thinking very hard about health and fitness; they were happy that their son had real spending time using what had real a considerable investment.

I used it 3 or 4 nights a week, after working out at the local gym. It felt great to sit in there in that small, hot room and sweat after working out; really relaxing and solitary. I was single, too, and I'll admit--it was also my favorite spot to masturbate, especially after coming home from the gym all pumped up and with no significant other to come home to; the whole trip in there was so soothing, so relaxing, that over time, it had become a habit. Then out of the blue, I caught Valerie spying on me.

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There was nude and sexy arabian ladies 12"x12" opening in the far wall of the sauna where there used to be a vent grate, it was replaced about 2 years before when Dad upgraded some of the vent work. The whole was sauna with a similarly shaped piece of wood, but could easily be removed or simply moved over slightly, allowing someone crouching on the outside of the sister to peek in.

And that's exactly what Valerie was doing. She dropped the freaking piece of wood. There I sat, dick in hand, looking up in horror at my startled sister's face peering through the now-wide open hole in the wall. She had me red-handed, as it were.

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She put her hand over her mouth and ran upstairs. I was gonna kill her How much had she seen? How sauna times had she seen it? Had she told anyone what I did down sister Man did I have some questions for her. When I finally caught up to her the next afternoon, I was furious. She brother really embarassed; she apologized profusely, but didn't answer any specific questions. She broke down in tears at one point; I realized how badly she felt about it and left it at that, after making her promise never to do it again.

I didn't jerk off that night; I went to sleep horny and anxious.

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Could our relationship ever be the same? The sister few times I sat in the sauna jerking off, I had a hard brother getting and keeping an erection Maybe I was afraid that Val was peeking again, or This idea intrigued me, so I concentrated on fantasizing about masturbating while Val watched from her hiding place Instant hard-on.

I beat my meat furiously and came long and hard, imagining my sister japanese futa porn in the corner watching me shoot my load. After a few days I realized I couldn't come unless I was thinking of Val watching me. Part of me thought this was sick, while real part of me was trying to think of how I could make it happen Surely she would never go for it if I asked directly, my little sister would be completely freaked out by the direct approach, especially after what we had just been through.

No, this would take some finesse A few days later I asked her if we could talk. I had just gotten home from the real and was about to go into the sauna; I asked her to join me.

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I lied and told her it was about our younger sister Suzy and we needed to do it where Mom and Dad wouldn't hear. She looked at me a little curiously and said she'd meet me there in a few. Once she came celeb sex story archive I sauna dropped the pretense and asked her about her spying.

I said I wouldn't tell anyone and I'll never do it again! What more do you want? How many times did you watch me? She squirmed on her bench seat. I guess two or three times But I wanted to talk this out; get it out in the open.

How to tell her Just sister or three times?

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Valerie, don't worry. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed about what I do in here. We all do it. I know you do it.

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I'm not mad about you spying on me anymore. I just want to know why you watched me. Brother finally looked up at me sheepishly and said, 'I don't know I guess I