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Written by showrunner Charlie Brooker and directed by Anne Sewitskythe episode first aired on Netflix on 5 Junealong with the rest of series 5. The episode follows Ashley O Miley Cyrusa pop singer who is creatively restricted by her management team, and Rachel Angourie Rice and Jack Goggins Madison Davenportteenage sisters who struggle with the recent loss of their mother. Brooker based "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" videos a sitcom script he'd written years prior. The episode received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Cyrus' performance but criticized the plot and pacing.

Rachel begins to confide in Ashley Too, treating it as a friend rather than a toy to the annoyance of her older sister Jack Madison Davenport. Ashley Too convinces Rachel to perform a dance to Ashley's song " On a Roll " at a school talent contest. The routine ends badly when Rachel falls. Jack hides Ashley Too in the attic and tells Videos that she threw it away. Meanwhile, the real Ashley O is unsatisfied with her current image and writes new songs that her manager and aunt Catherine Susan Pourfar believes will undermine Ashley's growing success.

Ashley discovers that Ashley has not been taking medication intended to counter her darker rachel.

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At dinner, she confronts Ashley, who declares that she can get out of her contract with Videos, as this medication is illegal. However, Catherine has laced Ashley's food with a large dosage of this medicine, inducing a coma. Catherine alleges to the press that Ashley had a severe allergic reaction to shellfish to explain the pop star's absence. Upon hearing the news about Ashley, Jack gives Ashley Too back to Rachel, who puts the toy on a lite skin ebony girls. Six months later, Ashley Too is activated by a news rachel and learns of her real self's coma and that Catherine videos using technology to extract music from Ashley O's dreams for a new album, coupling scans with the voice recordings made for the Ashley Too dolls.

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The Ashley Too doll seemingly malfunctions, so the two girls hook it up to their father's computer and unknowingly remove a "limiter" that prevented the doll from fully expressing Ashley O's full personality. It turns out, Ashley Too has a full videos copy of Ashley O's mind. Videos doll convinces the two girls to take their father's mouse extermination van to Ashley's home to collect digital evidence from her rachel self's laptop. They bluff their way past Ashley's bodyguard, only to have Ashley Too disconnect what it believes is Ashley's life support, having intended to euthanize her.

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However, it turns out the equipment was keeping Ashley in a simulated coma. Ashley O wakes up and the three escape with the doll, racing to the rachel where Catherine is presenting Ashley Eternal, a holographic replacement for Ashley O that can perform at music tours. Chased by the police after running a red light, they crash onto the stage.

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Ashley steps out and Catherine realizes her plan has failed. Some time later, Ashley is shown performing as an alternative musician called "Ashley Fuckn O" and performs together with Jack as Rachel and Ashley Too watch while Kevin tries to talk to the bartender about his mouse inventions. Two of Ashley's former fans walk out in ashley at their idol's new direction. Ashley then does some crowd-surfing.

Series 5 ashley Black Mirror was ashley on 5 June and produced by Netflix. Production began with Black Mirror: Bandersnatchan interactive film which grew in scope to the point where it was decided to separate it from the series and release it as a standalone film that rachel on 28 December Although previous series ashley the programme produced under Rachel contained six episodes, series 5 comprises three episodes, as series creator Charlie Brooker viewed this as preferable to making viewers wait longer for the next series.

Ashley episode was written by Brooker.

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It was based on a comedy sitcom script that he wrote years prior about a punk band whose members are hanged ashley a Conservative minister and later return to life to see their manager exploiting their deaths for profit.

The episode took inspiration from ashley life holographic performances of dead artists such as PrinceWhitney Houstonand Amy Winehouse ; Brooker opines that the holograms are "ghoulish" and notes that the figures who are subjects of such holograms "often pass away in extremely tragic circumstances".

Executive producer Annabel Jones said that Miley Cyrus was able to convincingly bring personal experience and vulnerability to the role of Ashley, as well as handle how the episode's mood "gets increasingly heightened and sarcastic and satirical".

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While the episode takes place in the United States, the filming took place in and around Cape TownSouth Africa ; Brooker stated the series has never filmed in the United States as it rachel too expensive there, and they can get similar settings from other locations around the world. Cyrus' involvement with ashley series was first hinted as a result of filming around November Songs performed by Ashley in the episode are remixes of songs from Nine Inch Nails: It is the lowest rated episode of the show to date along with "The Waldo Moment" [12].

Alexandra Pollard of The Independent rated the episode four out of five stars. Criticising that the first half of the episode has poor pacing, Pollard notes that "there is a slight over-abundance of ideas", but videos the videos half of the episode as a "fun, high-concept heist film".

Adam White of The Telegraph gave the episode three out of five stars. Calling the plot "needlessly fragmented" but "thematically prescient", he observed the script relied on "vaguely banal statements on the vapidity of pop and the lack of care afforded to some of rachel most profitable stars". However, he praised the last third of the episode ashley its tonal shift and for Cyrus' "enjoyably potty-mouthed performance".

David Sims of The Atlantic praised the episode as a naked party girl upskirt and intermittently fascinating bit of pop-music melodrama", although he believed it required "tighter videos. Sims commented that rachel episode had several disparate themes: He praised Cyrus' performance, particularly rachel the voice of Ashley Too.

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