Pretty peaches

This summer, 37 years peaches Pretty Peaches was filmed, The Rialto Report went on a road trip to see if any of the original locations were still left — and found that sometimes nothing changes. Two men find and take advantage of her, before offering to help her when it becomes apparent that she has amnesia. Peaches resolves to keep people doing sex videos through all the silly schemes and circumstances they come up with.

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Pretty Peaches — opening scene. Virginia City pretty Nevada was peaches location for the town peaches the wedding at the beginning of Pretty Peaches takes place. De Renzy had used the area before — notably in his western Peaches Burns The town sprang up as a boom town with the discovery of the Comstock Lode, the first major silver deposit discovery in the United States, and numerous mines were opened.

As of Census the population of Virginia City was about Virginia City, NV in The saloon was pretty in the s and offers a bar, slots, a wedding chapel and a second floor of hotel guest rooms — which are all supposedly haunted by local ghosts. The wedding room is in the back of the saloon, and is where the pop duo Captain and Tennille got hitched on November 11, The Silver Queen herself can be seen in the form of a ft.

Her belt is fashioned from 28 twenty-dollar gold pieces, and her choker and bracelets are made from dimes. John Leslie and Flower in the wedding chapel, Silver Queen. Desiree Cousteau in the wedding chapel, Silver Queen. The Silver Queen wedding chapel in recent times. John Leslie and Flower at ashley cum star Peaches Queen bar. Silver Queen bartender from Pretty Peaches.

Pretty Peaches

Silver Queen bar in recent times. Flower and Desiree Cousteau in the Silver Queen. Dating fromit is recognized as one of the finest remaining examples of Art Deco design in the United States.

A painstaking and authentic restoration was completed in and the theatre was entered in the National Register of Historic Places. Desiree Cousteau descends to peaches lower level of the Paramount Theater in Oakland. The Paramount Theater in Desiree Cousteau in the lower level of the Paramount Theater in Oakland.

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The house often featured in his films; he lived there from the early s to his passing in John Leslie arrives home to be greeted by Juliet Anderson.

This converted storefront opened around as one of the first theaters in San Francisco that showed pretty porn. Initially, the program would consist of 16mm silent loops with a record providing musical accompaniment, but eventually 16mm full-length features pretty take off. The success of this theater would lead to De Renzy operating other theaters in San Francisco for a time: North Beach Movie another storefront theaterPresidio converting peaches neighborhood art theater into a porn houseCentre a Market Street second-run house converted into hard pornand briefly the Regal on Market Street.

Very cool seeing the sites and scenes from this golden age classic. Thanks to Ashley and April on another job well done. Any chance of a Desiree Cousteau peaches Outstanding research. DeRenzy is my favorite director of the era and Pretty Pretty is my favorite of his films next to Femmes de Sade.

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Now if you could only get an interview with Desiree…. I saw this first in a beat-up VHS copy in the 80s and it enthralled me.

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Peaches the bare-bones re-issues since then have never included any extras and so this answers my dreams! Always a thrill, features like this! I feel it should also be mentioned that Vinegar Syndrome preserved this film for the ages by giving it a stunning Blu-ray release.

Another fascinating feature! But keep them coming. Pun intended. Especially Jones. Almost 40 years since Pretty Peaches came out? Even the carpet looks the same from the peaches. Always pretty the filmmaking for that one scene. Desiree wandering down the peaches, strutting around looking for someone, think she was whistling. Then walking out of that colorful, pretty room, with that Goat Lady decoration hanging on the wall.

I was really surprised how little some of those places have changed pretty nearly 40 years and the owners have taken good care of them. What a coup it would be to track pretty down and tell her story. Love this line: How were you able to access to the former De Renzy home?

This sure is some outstanding research and dedication. Tiles, sinks, even mirrors. This is one of my favorite porno…I 1st saw at a drive-in theater that showed exclusively porn near Salisbury MD where Sexiest news reporters nude attended college…. I peaches an instant Desiree fan…I would always try to go to the drive-in when they showed her films…. I rented as many of her films as I could…. Related Posts Pretty Film Locations pretty Naked Came The Stranger Adult film locations 4: Grazie Rialto!

Great stuff with some of the best work and people of the era. Great way to pretty off your trip to Vegas as a business expense. Great job. Love these on location segments. Very interesting piece…Only thing missing was an interview with Desiree herself…: Great stuff!

And so many of the places still look the same.