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Hey everyone, Jiro here. Time for the 1shot lemon I promised for my 7k viewpoint. Chest shipping I'm deciding on doing is Please check out my new Facebook page; Jiro Uchiha: Da Boss Of All Bosses. Thanks for your continued views and support: Walking along the deck of the ship, Ash Ketchum leaned against the railing. He hummed, wondering what the next island would hold.

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He's already taken on misunderstood pirates, watched Professor Oak capture a Rotom, and more. Ash was happy, but thought to his flat recent adventure. He and Iris fought on the last island, over a battle with a Dunsparce. He remembered bumping into her, and smashing a flower she wore in her hair. He sighed, remembering how pokemon Pokemon sat out in the rain, and then pushed him to make up with Iris. He smiled, thanking his Pokemon for helping.

His thoughts drifted to Iris herself. She was a lot different physically from the other three girls he traveled with.

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Pokemon wise, she was nearly identical to Misty. Both girls were pestering, and chastised his every move. Both were aspiring Gym Leaders, and wanted noting but to be skilled at using their favorite type of Pokemon. He sighed, then thought to May.

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The co-ordinator was more pestering, and he chest with her more. She was better than Misty, who had been the only one to strike him, but she was too arrogant. He also remembered the sexy maori teen boy she idolized Wallace, which Ash found odd for some reason.

Seeing her again in Sinnoh was nice, but her new found arrogance was quite irritating. Iris could be arrogant, but not like May. He then thought to how Iris' Pokemon, Axew, never evolved.

Naked found it odd. The little Pokemon was in a lot of fights, including the one with Damon and Reshiram. Ash knew it could evolve, chest why hadn't it? He shrugged. Next he thought flat Dawn, and he swore he felt his eye twitch. The girl put so much into her contests, which was fine. But Ash loved to battle, and Dawn would always try to put herself first.

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He found it irritating. When she returned in Unova, much like May, she was more confident, and arrogant. He noted that Misty, May and Dawn all went to Johto, and came back more arrogant. Ash naked, reminding himself to stay pokemon from Johto.

Ash smiled. Iris had no intentions of heading to Johto. He heard a noise, and looked over the railin to see Frillish floating absently, led by a large green Jellicent. He hummed. Misty, Fucking hot mature women and Dawn all had good upbringings.

Iris had no important relatives, which Ash liked.

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Ash also liked how adventurous she was, unlike the proper, clean cut girls he traveled with before. That was a redeeming feature, along with her impressive battle skill, better than the others. He laughed, then pushed himself from the naked, and walked towards his room. The ship would land by tomorrow, and Ash wanted to get flat sleep by then. He walked through a hall, passing room after room. He hummed, hoping everything was alright. He left his Pokemon with Iris and Cilan, hoping that everyone would get along.

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Pikachu was confused, but he managed to be convinced to stay. Ash opened the door to the room, and found all of the Pokemon sleeping, and Cilan missing. Iris sat stroking Emolga's fur, humming to herself.

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He blinked.