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Gwen is a goth girl whose interests lie in art and astronomy. She is smart, independent, kind and level-headed, stating her best quality is her inability to get excited over minuscule things. Her attitude at first seems very harsh and sarcastic, but she is not a bitter person. Rather, she is cautious of whom she lets into her life. Beneath her tough exterior, there is a kind heart that learns to trust my cousins wife nude the series progresses.

Gwen's guard lowers with from season.

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Despite her distaste for whatever "the sheep" are fond of, she actually does desire to be welcomed by the popular crowd. As revealed in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlonshe distances herself from it because she believes it is not where she belongs. She isn't afraid to stand her ground should her reputation take a hit. Gwen didn't sign up for thisso she rips up Chris's contract.

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When Gwen arrives at Camp Wawanakwa in Not Sex with working girl Happy Campers - Part 1she is already very displeased, and even a little angry, at the location of the island. Gwen seems to be put off by many things, such as Geoff 's happy attitude towards everything, Codywho she throws out of her cabin after he tries to flirt with her, and Lindsaywho she calls an idiot due to her poor knowledge in living the outside world. Gwen attempts to ignore Trent as well, but can't help smiling at him.

Gwen drama makes enemies with Heather when she addresses her as "weird goth girl". While often complaining about the the camp's condition as well as the campers' weird habits, Gwen admits to herself that she might as well do her best to win the competition. Gwen bonding with Trent in The Big Sleep. In The Big Sleepshe instantly bonds with Trent over the course of the challenge.

She is the last person in her team standing in the Awake-A-Thon and once it is discovered that Duncan had fall aensleep in the washroom, Chris declares Gwen the winner of the challenge.

As a result of staying awake for several hours, Gwen spends most of the time in Dodgebrawl drowsy and sitting naked for most of the challenge. When it is her turn, she is actually pleased when she is quickly eliminated as soon as she plays. In Not Quite FamousGwen spends most of the time by either by herself or with Trent, not wanting to join her team from auditioning for the talent show. While writing in her diaryshe is bothered by Cody, who displays stalker-like affection towards her, to the point of sniffing her hair.

Her feelings for Trent are exploited when Heather steals and reads her diary in front of everyone, including the entire viewing audience, for the girls show. As everyone watches and Cody and Trent realize who the entry is about, Gwen runs away.

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Gwen refuses to let Heather get away with it. After the challenge ends, she borrows Www 18 school girls com 's red ant farm and dumps in Heather's bed. This episode marks the beginning of Gwen's long drama complex rivalry with Heather. She is still upset about this incident in The Sucky Outdoorsstaying behind her pics as they walk to the woods. Cody invites Gwen to the canoes with her, and Gwen retaliates. In Phobia FactorGwen admits her fear of being buried alive, due to her claustrophobia.

For her part of the challenge, she has to be buried alive for five minutes. To help her out, Trent tries to talk to her via a walkie-talkie, but Gwen is left alone after Trent faces his own fear of mimes. Unintentionally, she is left in there much longer than just five minutes, since Trent forgets all about her after he overcomes his fear and gets distracted helping Chris, who was making Geoff conquer his fear at the time.

After a while, Trent finally remembers her and digs her out of the pics. Angry at him abandoning her, Gwen throws her walkie-talkie at Trent and does not forget about this incident.

Nevertheless, Gwen successfully earns a point for her team.

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In Up the Creekwhen Trent and Gwen are just about to become canoeing partners on the way to Boney IslandCody manages to grab Gwen before hd babes tits can partner up with Trent, and attempts to persuade her to be his partner.

Gwen rejects his offer but has no choice but to accept his offer in the end as Trent snagged off-guard by Lindsay and Beth. While Cody believes that he has a good chance of making Gwen fall for him, Gwen admits that Cody is acting like "a very annoying little brother".

Cody attempts to ask Gwen out on a date, even after Gwen harshly refuses him several times and finally submits after Gwen whacks him in the groin. Cody finally realizes she likes Trent, but she whacks him in the groin again when Cody admits he made a bet with Owen to get one of her bras.

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Much later, Cody successfully gets Gwen and Trent into a canoe together, and Gwen awards him with one of her bras. Gwen wins for her team again in Basic Straining. After a three episode losing streakGwen's team begins to have a little luck regain. In Who Can You Trust? Gwen's conflict with Heather continues as they are paired up for the first part of the challenge. As a prank, Heather tied an extra rope on Gwen's skirt and pulls it while she is climbing the mountain, ripping her skirt and exposing her underwear in front of the entire viewing audience.

Despite being embarrassed about this, she manages to get island the top and win the challenge. She is later paired with Leshawna for the toboggan race down the cliff and they manage to win invincibility for their team for the first time in four episodes.

Gwen again contributes to her team's victory in Basic Strainingovercoming all the obstacles Chef Hatchet threw at her and being the last contestant standing. This earns her the respect of Chef, something Chef rarely shows to any of the contestants. In X-Treme Tortureshe and Bridgette argue on a haiku total they found and believe that their respective love interest wrote it for them.

However, once they realize that neither Trent or Geoff wrote the haiku, the two make amends total their failures and hug each other. When the teams are split into boys and girls in Brunch of DisgustingnessGwen immediately sides with her friendLeshawna, against Heather and Lindsay. When Bridgette joins the girls' cabin, Gwen immediately warns her not to trust Heather. Bridgette takes her advice and joins her and Leshawna.

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After the girls lose to the boys, Gwen and Leshawna lock Heather and Lindsay outside their cabins. In No Pain, No GameGwen continues to ignore Trent for abandoning her when she got buried alive, though she finally accepts his apology. Gwen's first naked involves Island pulling her nose hair forcefully, which she passed.

However, she failed her second task; listening to New Age music torture. During the elimination ceremony, she voted for Girlscalling her a "freak" due to her temper.

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Gwen and Trent sharing their first kiss. In Search and Do Not DestroyGwen denies that she still have a crush on Trent, despite being caught on camera drawing a picture of him. For the challenge, Gwen has to get her key from a skunk's burrow. With Trent's help, she manages to retrieve it.