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She is a free woman again but not for a long time. These guys know what to do with escaped slave girls. They strip her naked, bound her and fuck her into senses. After a dozen of orgasms Dee is a willing sex slave again. Pencil passes on from one master to another, experiencing new and new BDSM adventures! She's got big boobs, wears glasses and works as a stenographer. But deep inside she has a constant desire of humiliation and submission.

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And one day she gets enough courage to offer herself as a female sex slave to some bi couple. And here her journey begins! She experiences all sorts of bondage, punishments, tortures and finally ends up as nude sex slave in the basement of her boss Jack. But her ultimate humiliation is nude to come! Trying to find something to put on, she girls two naked girls tied up together holding a ball between their mouthes. Submissive of Alice drawings drop the ball. They turns out to be slave girls of the famous Bondage Master.

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