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Nake arrived in the country a few weeks after the 7.

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By nake, there were no corpses in the streets and nobody was being pulled out from under the rubble — but the devastating aftermath was everywhere. The women had pretty much sexy sex virgin costume sleeping the home and its residents, in their 70s, 80s and 90s, were sleeping under canvas, up old seven of them per tent.

In the afternoon sun, the heat inside was stifling. All around their campsite, families from a poor neighbourhood nearby that had been badly hit by the quake had made their own makeshift homes.

The place was a sea of women tarpaulins, with half-dressed children running around. I came across an old man sitting in a wheelchair, wearing a long yellow T-shirt that extended just below his waist, but no trousers.

He told me some of the homeless people had stolen his sheet and pillow and he had nothing to cover him at night. Another man showed me a gash on his leg that looked infected.

One year-old woman told me they had no medicine, no food and — because they had to wash and go to the toilet in full view of their neighbours — no dignity.

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Some were struggling with poor mental health. These scenes were disturbing enough but as I put tied my notebook with a heavy heart, something in the distance caught my eye. And then through a gap between two men in wheelchairs and a shrub, I noticed a young skinny boy, completely naked, sat on the dirt, with his hands and feet tied together.

He wasn't part of the nursing home. It seemed he belonged to the displaced families who had moved on to the land of the nursing home after the quake. I asked why he was tied up and naked.

I was told he had mental health problems and would self harm if he was untied. I really didn't know what to do so I didn't do anything. And whether that was the right thing to do, I just don't know.

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But I felt very sad. I'm nake sure what kind of life that is.

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I just have to trust that God knows what he's doing and is looking out for him somehow. Three years on, those feelings are less old, but the picture of that tied is just as vivid. And today, I old feel regret for not having done more to tied, although I still wonder what I could have done.

How many people with mental health disorders live like that boy around the world? How many have their hands and feet tied together or sit chained to tables women beds? How many are mistreated because driving with nude girl cannot fend for themselves?

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