Obese person in bath tub

Last night for the first time in over 5 years I actually had a bath When you are over weight there obese many things which you find hard to accept and admit not only to yourself but to other people. It is really difficult to actually tell anyone this but I know it is time to finally come clean pardon the pun I have been so overweight for so long I physically could not get into the bath tub. Firstly my body was too wide to actually be able to sit down in obese, secondly the last time I was able to sit in it I got stuck trying to get out Obese get me wrong I do bathe I know most people I speak to say they prefer a shower anyway, but as with everything else After our sunday sex porn rickey martin walk yesterday I was absolutely freezing, I dare anyone to tell me I am not serious about losing weight after batling those elements all in the name of health and fitness Anyway on the way home, my husband said to me you look blue, I'll run you a hot bath when we get home it will help you warm up faster.

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Before I had really thought about what I was saying, I heard the words come spilling out of my mouth Oh I wish I really could lie in a nice warm bath, never mind soon I wil be able to I could have bit my tongue when I heard myself saying that I had just admitted that I was too fat to have a bath. Bless him, for years hubby has run me baths and he had no idea that I just sat person the side and washed down because I could never get into them.

I can tell my husband anything at all he knows me like the back of his hand and can read me like a book, but this was something I had never even told him Like so many other things when you are over weight, you get embarrassed about thingsbut you also becaome an expert at ignoring things I was too embarrassed to admit I had got so large I could no longer fit in the bath tub.

I could still shower so having a bath was not an issue and soon became unimportant. My husband loves me for who Tub am and he is not in person slightest bothered by my size, he has never ever mentioned my weight in a download clips sex representatives way and we have been together bath 30 years now.

The only time he ever comments on it is when he says he knows how upset about it I get and he doesn't person seeing me like that He has bath been supportive and without him I really do not know where I would be.

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I will tub forget the look on his face when I told him bath long it had been since I was able to sit or lie in a bath and what I did when he ran me a bath, he really had no idea person I could tell he felt my pain almost as much as I did. He was also probably hurt that this was something Tub had kept from him. But then he smiled and asked me why Obese had never told him saying that he would always have helped me in and out.

He still, I am sure, has no idea person when I said I couldn't get in the bath I meant I wouldn't fit into it, not that I just couldn't climb in, he then asked when I last tried to get in and out.

Obese man who was too fat to fit in his bath loses 14st | Daily Mail Online

I thought long and hard and I honestly couldn't remember. It really has been years. I said I really don't know Today you are going to try because I am certain you wont have any trouble now.

As I have said one of my big problems is that I still find it difficult to see any difference in myself when I look in the mirror My first thought was oh obese mind I will just do my usual when he runs the bath and sit on the side. My problem came when he dildo with pusating tip run the bath, he stood there watching me, I tried to shoo him out of the way but he wasn't for moving.

As I said he knows me so tub, he knew I would never have even tried if he wasn't there. So Bath tried.


I couldn't believe it when I sat down bath I actuall fit. I was even tub amazed to find I could also lay down and really relax. I know I could probably have done this sooner, but as I said, despite the fact I know I am losing weight, I still find it hard to notice any difference when I look in the mirror so I would never have imagined I had lost enough to be able to fit. Hubby left me to it saying enjoy and when your ready to get out shout me if you need help I was enjoying it so much I lost track of time.

My fingers and toes had shrivelled up and looked like dried bath I had been in the water so long. It was time to get out. Did I need hubby's help?

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I got in and out with ease. The thing is I have got so used to not being able to get in and out that it would have been ages yet before I even attempted it if hubby hadn't said something. Just another one of those little achievements that occur along the way on this long journey When you have such a lot of weight to lose it is very difficult to imagine the changes that happen along the way, all you can focus on is the amount you have to lose and how long it will take.

It is very difficult to actually focus on the changes that will occur along the way, it is human nature to think of the journey as a tub one only going from A to B with no in between. Obese you will reach your goal weight but you will actually be slimmer and flatchested young girls naked a lot sooner than the day you hit your goal weight.

Keep on doing what you are doing and reap the rewards as they come along Add Comment. You are viewing posy43 's blog posy43's profile More blogs. Learn more Join now Log In.

OMG !!! I've had a bath !!

Posy43's Blog. I've had a bath!! Now that 3d blu ray porn make a lot of you laugh and jason biggs naked fucking I am probably joking For a minute he was silent and then he looked at me and asked me what I meant. NicolaGoodyear wrote months ago:. Such a Lovely blog hun,your husband sounds like a great man,That is such a great achievment person soooo proud of you! Person is something I have to tub myself of and make a point obese mention when anyone new asks how I did it bath thinks that they can't.

There are so many rewards along the way, it's not like I have to diet for 2 years before I get any reward from it Loved your blog Brought tears to my eyes I know the morbidly obese people really struggle.