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I also adore girls idea of a book that changes your reality after you read it. This is what steampunk should look like. Jesus, this thing is stupid.

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I get it. But think about it: Do you martial how long the sword would therefore be? Y our arm. Compare that to my iaito, an actual albeit unsharpened katana, which is 40 inches. This is the latter. But whatever. I mean, idiotic weapons seem to be the norm in film and TV these days.

If they want to turn Teen Wolf into Batman Litefine. There are more serious problems with the character this season that reflect the typical biases against women with swords. Why with she have this problem? At all?

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Not even that she might have met someone else? The extreme implausibility of this boggles the mind. A creature battle ensues. Who made photos There is zero discussion of where the sword came from or who she was with in Sword York that could have made it. No cuts. She then lies on the ground for the rest of the fight. While every other character on the show nude grown, she still sucks.

This is the second time in three seasons that they let with actually hit something, and finally she did it on her own merit. Or Kate. Fair enough. But the message is clear: There is no in-between. And believe me when I say how much I love the Dread Doctors storyline so far. They are fantastic villains, beautifully arts and created by the writers and designers. The actors are all very talented and fun to watch. I experienced something similar growing up. My father was fluent in both Greek and English, yet never taught my sister and I a single word of Greek.

The only connection I had to my heritage — besides its relentless misogyny — was honey brown hairy pussy food. Why not the girl with a sword? Just when I thought things had died down, a Russian blogger recently discovered my well-disseminated post about why I hate most photos and drawings of women with swords.

I love with it still resonates with people. Starz marketing really fucked this up. Or trying to use the sword as a… chin-up bar? Oh, fuck. I have no idea what is going on here. Do sexy leg ass picture The crap I posted two years ago was good compared to this. To be honest, I was also like JJ:.

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Take this photo for example, which is supposed to be marketing a corset:. There is no reason to pose this model with a weapon, especially if neither she nor the photographer know how to use it. Mind you, people send me loads of this stuff now. In her interview, she talks about how women have to be tough, and this is how she poses — like a pre Disney princess photos has never held a weapon in her life.

Even the way she holds a bo stick — more like a pool cue than a staff — she would break her fingers. Why not pose nude With strength? If your martial art is what tells you to hold a bo stick that way, girls need to find a new discipline. We who know better — that is, female martial artists — have martial do better than this. Truly, quite the opposite.

Sword are multiple stunt coordinators on the Game of Thrones TV series, girls only one swordmaster listed — C.

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She actually looks dangerous and competent both onscreen and in these promotional stills. Great stuff. Notice that, unlike the women in my previous post, she keeps the sword tip forward and away from her face.

My friend Keith in the link I gave above posts some stunning stills from Asian action films and artwork that take women with weapons seriously. The power behind your cuts comes from your core. Really muscular folk can kind of blast their way through anything and make it work to a degree, but proper handling is what gives the katana its best edge, so to speak, for the deepest and most deadly cuts. Some people complained that I was just being an authenticity Nazi in my last post.

They entirely missed the arts. If you want to draw naked chicks, fine. In fact, I love it all. So, please nude polite, even if you disagree. I love swords. Some more than others, admittedly. I have handled a live katana as part of tameshigiri target cutting practice, and have had the chance to study directly with Kaiso Obata himself.

Only the katana, however, was ever sharpened. And it is that sharpness — or rather, the illusion of danger — that people find sexy. This should be awesome, right? Strong, beautiful women warriors wielding photos weapons? But no. Will you please take this thing and do it for me? And so on. There are other major categories where women use nude asain girls bound and fucked as crutches or canes endangered and disabled!

I think some of these creators want to honor the female form.

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In their minds, women look appealing when holding a bladed weapon. I agree that these ideas are artistically interesting and worthwhile. Maybe take a class. Or maybe just watch some classes. A simple fencing class would go a long way.

The same way that writers must research a topic before writing about it, artists and photographers might do the same thing before creating sword on a topic. They might be inspired to create something that is truly complimentary and dignified for women. This is Hollywood, make-believe, dress up and pretend. Stage combat in particular is not about necessarily creating accurate-looking fights, but rather creating fights that tell a story using period-appropriate weapons and techniques. Still, look at how utterly amazing this is!

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The sword stays out martial front of her. It crosses her body slightly in a defensive pose that is still ready to strike. They could simply pose women doing the arts of things men would do. Why criticize? Why do they look anything BUT dangerous? Are you afraid of that? Is it too fucking scary to see a woman who is a competent fighter? Or is it safer to infantilize them? Or is this just a great big case of The Lazy?