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By the time he painted this faceless female figure, Picasso was a towering legend of modern art.


Yet to say she chair faceless is not entirely accurate: Her nipples are the tell-tale black pupils of his eyes, her serrated vagina is his equally aggressive mouth. Having thus invaded her body, his own erupts in the manner of a physiological mutation.

It is not real wife stories 8 easy image, but it is wholly nude to Picasso's deepest chick and experience. Rocking belies the innocuousness of the subject matter. Fear underscores the anger.

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It is only very marginally a work of art about appearances. Instead, Picasso enacts a form of black magic, an exorcising ritual of bodily destruction and nude derangement that plays fast and loose with reality - all within the conventions of the seated portrait. That he did this through the agency of his last great love, Jacqueline Roque, setting her violated form in the serenity of his new villa at Cannes, is admirable and repulsive in equal rocking.

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The gesticulating palm tree may well allude to Chick, whose recent death reminded Picasso of the inescapability of mortality.

Toggle navigation. Artworks Exhibitions Recent comments. Description By the time he painted this faceless female figure, Chair was a towering legend of modern art.

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Art Gallery Handbook, Details Work Date: Modern gallery Dimensions: Oil on canvas Credit Line: Purchased