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Las Vegastwo female roommates, Heather and Nany, had sex. Of course, it all started in nude hot tub. Start about 16 minutes in on the episode below. Heather, of course, starts to regret it. The irony is that she broke up with her boyfriend in the house because she found out he has done gay porn.

Leave it to The Real World to create this kind of drama! Thanks for the tip Julia!


I might as well go that way now as my hair is so short. I feel like a dyke. If I cross my arms I actually look real a lesbian.

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OK, I need to start crossing my arms more. Does that the me look more angry? She had pinstripe flares on. She whipped them off and there were her stunning thighs.

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I said to all my girlfriends: Moment of gayness, as felt by Adele and friends. Leaves a lot to the imagination still! Check out some of their work over at IndieWire. Think they are lying? Community had a little bit of lesbianness already nany season, but Alison Brie says there could be more in the future — and it could be her character, Annie, who is partaking.

She told an interviewer:. With Annie, to pornhub nude girls protesting honest, I world see her getting with a girl.

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And with a lesbian writer at the helm, anything could happen. Hint hint, Karey Dornetto.

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You mean between all four bands? Oh, Tegan and Sara for sure. Those ladies are tough. Once we went bowling together and I thought they were going to knife me. Today in Lesbianish TV: Thanks Roni!

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Morning Brew — Friday, May 6: Good morning! The Weekly Geek: She told an interviewer: