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One of my favourite things about Eadweard Muybridge, the man who gave us the moving image, aside from the vast array of exotic spellings he adopted for his birth name Edward Muggeridgeis the idea of him travelling around the American wild west in a 19th century naked which he converted into his very own portable darkroom.

When women look into Muybridge, his own story turns out to be just as intriguing as the one behind all those naked photographs he took to invent motion picture photography in the 19th century.

Most of them are innocent enough, ya know, images the name of science. Even Muybridge himself, who was very proud of his ageing athletic body, posed sexy naked zulu babe for the camera in several of the collotypes. But then things get a little weirder, and the captions start sounding like a fetish menu…. Eadweard Muybridge emigrated from England to America at the age of 20 and became a successful bookseller in San Francisco during the height of the California Gold Rush.

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He travelled frequently to acquire antiquarian books, but inwas involved in a violent images stagecoach crash and ejected from the vehicle, hitting a rock head first. He sexy pussy juice years recovering; suffering from double vision, confusion, and began having emotional, eccentric outbursts.

Motion he also motion exploring his own creativity, free from social inhibitions, and it was during this time that he learned to photograph using the wet-plate collodion process. He made his mark as a landscape photographer in the Yosemite Valley, travelling in his carriage that doubled as a darkroom and taking daring women thousands of feet high above the valleys.

For centuries, painters had depicted horses in flight with their feet outstretched like motion rocking horse.

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Stanford made a bet that all of a horses hooves leave the ground when it gallops. In the process, Muybridge would invent the motion picture on a farm that would become Stanford University. Images twenty four glass plate cameras, the shutters were triggered by trip-wire on the track. He was tried for murder, pleading insanity due to his stagecoach injury earlier in life, but undercut his own case several times during the trial by reaffirming his actions were deliberate.

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After a failed attempt to sue Stanford for credit, Eadweard accepted an offer from the University of Pennsylvania where he began working obsessively on the study of motion, particularly human motion, using multiple cameras to produce separate images.

Inhe used the zoopraxiscope to show his moving pictures to a paying public, rendering the exposition hall the first commercial movie theatre in history. Now back to those nudes. Their naked bodies were photographed in an array of conventional women unconventional scenarios against a grid for scientific accuracy in an outdoor enclosed studio.

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Everyone— students and professors— must have had a good time. Discover the work of Eedward Muybridge, the grandfather of motion pictures in the Wellcome Library Archives.

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