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Ashley Goodall. I kneel down onto my cold kitchen tiled floor, sitting partner staring knowingly in my direction. My legs are spread enough to allow for a pink perfectly frosted vegan cake to rest under me, and shaking in anticipation, I lower my bare nether regions into the cool squish of pink bliss.

This was what I liked: When I saw a beautiful woman in lingerie hovering her bottom above a white sheet cake, I felt tingles in places I was just starting to discover could give me pleasure.


Cake sitting is a sexual fetish where, as you might have guessed, people sit on cakes for sexual pleasure. It's considered a subcategory of the "wet and messy" fetish WAMa form of sexual fetishism in which a person becomes aroused when copious amounts of a substance gif porn in office applied to the naked skin, face, or clothing.

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Although numerous fetish porn web sites exist portraying cake sitters and other WAM fetishes, life stylers in the kink scene who have a sweet tooth for cake sitting generally meet in kink communities, dungeons, fetish parties, and explore their delicious kink either at play parties or in the privacy of their home.

I love cake those things on my thighs and on my pussy. Another aspect of the pleasure can be psychological: Ryan says she loves how quickly sitting on a cake can go to smearing it onto her lover, followed by them rubbing it all over each other and licking woman off. Her sweet tooth might also have some influence.

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Kimberly, a cake sitter and former professional cake decorator, says she has indulged in a lot of cake sitting in the past year. It's messy and sticky and sweet - I love it. That vulnerability and openness is what I find steaming hot. I would think: I wanna sit on that cake! Smash it.

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The first cake Parker sat on was for her birthday. It was chocolate and so cool and smushy and I was laughing the whole time. One of the reasons she loves cake sitting is simple: It also feels a little empowering to smush. Naked to see the little flattened cake and shape of your arse in its destruction.