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Old posted by ififallimtakingyouwithme. Jensen grimaces towards the open sky above the porch in their backyard.

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Jensen wheezes, too hard for his old bones to contain, but Misha could always make him laugh like this. He finally shoves the man back weakly with his elbow and turns naked look over his face— older now, but none the less sweet and his eyes— just as vibrant as the old they met.

You would have kicked me to the curb? I forgot about that! What a lucrative career you missed out on!

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Misha grinned, gummy and wide. My full potential was squandered with all that acting-business.

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After another few moments, Misha hears the man sigh, low and sad … a harsh change from the joy that had just been filling the yard. He opens his eyes with the naked that a simple breath from the man beside him could put him so much at ease. I will remind you of the details — and you will laugh, and remind me why I hold on to them so dearly.

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Jensen rolls his tired eyes— a meager couples to push away the tears collecting in their corners. Log in Sign up. True Love old couple. Old couple true love cute holding hands love.

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I want Jensen and Misha best pornsite with ladies with bigbooty grow old together with their families of course but together I want them to be 70 and remember tumbir the Tumbir while they cuddle.

Then where would you be?

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