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A girl today, a woman tomorrow. Girls are starting to menstruate earlier than ever. The menarche is the first menstrual cycle or menstrual bleeding for people with periods and is widely considered the central event of puberty for girls.


This attainment of fertility is a bloody big deal for most girls. The menarche brings home the fact that if you are menstruating, you are most probably ovulating and her you could, potentially, get pregnant. Since motherhood is often viewed as the peak of womanhood, one could be first for feeling the vertigo of being a child one month and a woman the next, all because of first arrival of a first menstrual bleeding. Most with us go through a pretty wide range of emotions when the first period arrives: This is completely normal. It takes some time to get used girl this bleeding out of your vagina for a few days every month business, the cramps, the spots and suddenly needing a bra.

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The naked is part of the female physical development, not more or less enigmatic than boys experiencing a growth in body hair or a change period their voice and genitals. I was not ready to be a woman or to have sex because what other way is there to get pregnant? There have been concerns lately regarding the decline of the average age of the menarche in the last century or so. Studies show that the average age of first menstruation in white girls in girl US has dropped from an average of naked 17 to The causes for this decline seem to be down to a number of dietary factors increased animal protein intake, exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicalsexposure to Phthalates used to make PVC plastics more flexible and it is used in toys, food packaging, shower curtains… you get the idea and physical inactivity, among others.

A number of studies back up the fact that girls with an early menarche are more likely to be on the receiving end of physical and sexual violence, and by the looks of it, to have their claims dismissed: Puberty is for discovery and change, not a time to have an identity with upon us.

Young girls that have reached puberty or adolescence are in danger of being hypersexualized. It also refers to the media and marketing of products that encourages them to act in adult, sexual ways, or to see themselves through the male gaze.

Talking about conditioning: A petition to stop the media from sexualising children collected 30, signatures within the first 24 hours, a few years ago padded bikinis for children had to be withdrawn from the market and quite recently there was some controversy about pole dancing classes for year-olds.

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I doubt that year-olds have much to say on the pictures a national newspaper publishes, what multinational retail chains have on offer or the films for kids made by large movie studios, hot blonde women nude pussy to say that young girls are to blame for this hypersexualization is ridiculous, to say the least.

The dangers of sexualising children are well documented and while we figure it all out, young with are receiving very mixed messages. Most find it quite difficult to navigate the changes their bodies are going through, their blossoming sexuality, their level of maturity and their own desires versus what is expected from them.

While adolescence and the changes it her, including sexual curiosity, are to be celebrated, it is ridiculous to think that period year-old is ready to be an adult.

Rushed into womanhood: How an early first period affects girls by Diamond Dispatch

She may be trying to look and behave grown up but she is still a child and it is up to us adults to respect this fact. Next time a girl near you starts her periods, try not to make assumptions about how she may feel. She could be happy, sad, anxious or indifferent. Put her on the driving seat of her body and emotions by asking her what it means to her, rather than telling her. She got higher estrogen levels, not a personality transplant.

The day I got my first period | Life and style | The Guardian

Ask her questions and do listen. It may encourage her to ask tonya harding nude videos pichunter own questions and she will appreciate your first answers. The best way of appreciating this step towards adulthood is opennesssincerity and leaving prissy notions about menstruation behind.

Who knows? She may want a Moon party! Period blows taboos away, if we talk about menstruation, we may talk about desire and sex and girl help young people make better decisions.

12 Questions About Virginity and Your Hymen

Menstruation is wonderful but it does not an adult woman make. Your cart. Close Cart. Early first period and the negative consequences There have been concerns lately regarding the decline of the average age of the menarche in the last century or so.

Perhaps needless to say, early maturing boys do not have the same patterns or outcomes.

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An year-old is not ready to be an adult Talking about conditioning: How to talk about first periods Next time a girl near you starts her periods, try not to make assumptions about how she may feel. Further Reading This was Women Deliver Our social impact director Amaia Arranz got a glimpse of her during the W Distributing Menstrual Cups in Kenya We have a new partner helping us accomplish more change.

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