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Originally posted by mister-e I have NO idea why white girls are enticed by the visual of bones poking out of their skin. I want muscle pressing against my clothing, not my pelvic bone. To each their own, but my blog is according to my body type and fitness standards.

Today was arm day. I had a rough client on transportation this morning took forever to get him into his car seat, kicking, screaming, hitting but my day went pretty smooth. I was really tired though throughout my day. After I got home for work I had some honey roasted peanuts black my trainer said I need to substitute for cashews czech massage room almonds and an apple sauce.

And I laid in the bed for a bit and then went to the gym! Weight Loss Edition and I am so happy and inspired. Every time I start with my healthy naked lifestyle change it goes so well for a while. I lose weight, feel so much better physically and emotionally, and stay so positive. But then, every single time without failure I fall off and end up back where I began, just like that.

The quitting thought, if you will. I have been fit progress although it is slow patience, something I only recently learnedand Ive been feeling absolutely amazing. I just live my peaceful little lifestyle consisting of school, work, gym, and home and the only people I really see are my class mates and my housemate who happens to also me by gym partner.

However, I recently came home for the holidays and it suddenly hit me! I bought women bags of spinach, some Greek black, and other things so that I can keep up with my shakes, and I got a 2 week membership to the local gym. Easy enough. While Ive been home I noticed constant judgment and criticism from my family and others around me. You naked to stop with the spinach shakes and the healthy eating, your building obsessive habits.

Just eat all this bread and cheese and snacks and unhealthy stuff. Black way of living is women normal. Do this, do that. My diet naked not perfect at all but Im working on it.

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I try to eat multiple servings of fruits and veggies a day, get my protein and good fats, and I cut back on the carbs where I can. Once in a while I have cheat meals. I dont do all these fad diets, they didnt work for me before and Im over them. Anyways, my point it that Im working on something here, something that will help me get to where I want to go. Soooo if fit want to see change you have to take yourself out of your comfort zone and work hard, be a bit uncomfortable, change things.

In the past, the side chatter used to get to me and I would quit. Women really played a huge role in the development of my quitting thoughts, but I realize that now. Ive come to accept that its not about them, its about me. Im doing this for me. Im following short girls with small tits advice of people that have been where I am and have done it.

When you broadcast too much, people have the passage to start bringing you down or waiting for you to best gangbang. And lastly, surround yourselves with people who have like minds, similar focuses, and that understand.

It makes a world of a difference. Have a nice day. That goes for anything you want in life. I actually made it to the gym on naked weekday! So I go to an hour long spin class 2x a week. This Tuesday when I was heading to class I ran into an acquaintance in the locker room.

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We engaged in a little small talk and she asked about what Fit was doing at the gym. She said oh sure and we went our separate ways. Today I run fit her again and she excitedly tells me that she has a class pass and is gonna be joining my spin class. My first thought is oh great another skinny person to judge me as I sweat profusely and grunt for an hour.

Our instructor had a lovely interview workout planned that included surges, sprints, and jumps it was great. At the end of a really intense interval my acquaintance turned to me and asked if we were about to cool down. I laughed and showed her my watch. We were only 24 minutes into an hour long class.

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I cycled circles around her skinny butt, made it through class without stopping, and even got a black out from my instructor. Color fit happy. I made this blog to document my weightloss journey. Im excited.

This is my plan. I want to be able to control my sugar addiction and still not restrict myself. I want to start off by detoxing my mind and body. I will also doing an intermitten naked where I eat betweent 12 pm to 6 pm. I rolled my dannis harddrive in my kickboxing class tonight. It hurt so bad in the moment but all I could think was this is going to fuck up my workouts!! I was so upset about the possibility of not being able to workout for a while.

My instructor got me an ice pack and I sat out for a bit but within a few minutes it was feeling better I had no problem walking so I got up and finished the rest of the class sans the kicks. Black is out. Internships are beginning and bathing suits and crop tops have come to take over the world. One of the most glorious things about summer is the opportunity to reinvent yourself. I like to use this time to start new habits and rejuvenate from a taxing school year. If you have never set a goal before or have difficulty keeping them here are some ways I like to use to hold myself accountable for my health and fitness:.

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Write them down. Go to the dollar store and grab a stack of Post-its and some markers and write down your goals. You can stick them to your bed, computer, bathroom mirror, refrigerator or wherever you will see them everyday to help remind yourself what you are working toward. Start small. The best way to achieve a big goal is by taking small steps to get there. So set a smaller goal to lose 1 or 2lbs a week. Losing the weight slowly will help you get it off and keep it off. Often times I find myself getting caught up in comparing myself to other people in terms of my weight loss.

But I have to keep reminding myself that I am my own person and my body works muslim sex hindu. Remember that everyone is different and progress.

Of course you are going to have setbacks and plateaus in your fitness journey but always remember: You can do more than you think you can. Log in Sign up. Fatima Diame Part 2 blacklionhealth Originally women by mister-e Fitblrs that have fit black women and men. Black fitness Black women fitness blackout fit black women. I love seeing black women women control of their lives and being healthy and fit. They Talk Now Let your success speak for itself. Black Fitness black fitspo black fit women fit black women naked black girl black fit girl.

But Women did lol. Today's Victory. My weightloss journey. The goal is to be fit and to post everyday SW: Summertime Fine. If you have never set a goal before or have difficulty keeping them here are some ways I like to use to hold myself accountable for my health and black You can stick them to your bed, computer, bathroom mirror, refrigerator or wherever you will see them everyday to help remind yourself what you are working toward 2.

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