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When the Washington Redskins took their cheerleading cheerleaders to Costa Rica in for a calendar photo shoot, the first cause for concern among the cheerleaders came when Redskins officials collected their passports upon arrival at the resort, depriving them of their official identification.

For the photo shoot, at sex couples nude gif adults-only Occidental Grand Papagayo resort on Culebra Bay, some of the cheerleaders said they were required to be topless, though the photographs used for the calendar would not show nudity. Others wore nothing but body paint.

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A contingent of sponsors and FedExField suite holders — all men — were granted up-close access to the photo shoots. They had a special assignment for the night. Some of the male sponsors had picked them to be personal escorts at a nightclub.

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Several of them began to cry. Other girls were devastated because we knew exactly what she was doing. Inside the Rule Books for N. Their treatment has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks since two former N.

Interviews with dozens of current and former N.

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They enjoyed performing nfl games, developing friendships with other cheerleaders and participating in charity work, which included visiting hospitals and going overseas to entertain military troops. But they were disturbed by some of cheerleaders extracurricular requirements that put them in what they considered unsafe situations. The cheerleaders spoke on condition of anonymity because they were required fat white girls naked pics sign confidentiality agreements when naked joined the team.

She vehemently denied that the night at the club was mandatory and said that the cheerleaders who went were not chosen by sponsors. Jojokian said.

We respect each other and our craft. In a statement, the Redskins said: Each Redskin cheerleader is contractually protected to ensure a safe nfl constructive environment. The work our cheerleaders do in our community, visiting our troops abroad, and supporting our team on the field is something the Redskins organization and our fans take great pride in. A spokesman for the Cheerleaders.

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After Daniel Snyder bought the Redskins inthe cheerleading program was given a makeover. They said they were troubled, however, when their safety was not taken seriously. There is no leaguewide policy for security, or a union to protect them. A half-dozen Redskins cheerleaders said Ms. Jojokian seemed especially focused on preserving relationships with businessmen who supported the team and her nonprofit dance company, Capitol Movement. In an interview on Tuesday, Ms. Jojokian choked up when she considered that some cheerleaders felt she did not fully support them.

I would never put a woman in a situation like that. I actually mentor these women to be strong and to speak up, cheerleaders it kills me to hear that. The Redskins, who said that only six sponsors, nfl two couples, attended the calendar shoot trip, made available for interviews two cheerleaders who were captains of the squad in Both women, who spoke on condition of anonymity, praised Ms.

They said they thoroughly enjoyed their experiences as Redskins cheerleaders. How N. InMs. Jojokian, a former squad director and choreographer for the N. It was naked yacht with nfl men aboard — including a familiar face, William R.

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Teel Jr. Teel, 52, was a longtime Redskins suite holder and a local businessman with close ties to the team.

‘Like a Human Barricade’

Rogers to get the money back. He also maintained a close relationship with the cheerleading program. For about a decade, one or both of Mr. As an Army veteran, he said he was drawn to sponsor the cheerleading team because of the many trips it took to entertain United States military troops overseas. As a sponsor, he helped judge cheerleader tryouts and occasionally was invited to buy package deals to attend calendar shoots. Teel also paid for Redskins cheerleaders to go to Super Bowls.

Naked said that Mr. Teel said, however, that he always worked through Ms. Jojokian to determine which cheerleaders would participate on his trips and that he always provided security. Jojokian said that she, too, was not expecting to see strangers on Mr. Below the deck, men handed out cash prizes in twerking contests. No cheerleaders claimed that they were touched inappropriately, and the two team captains said the trip was pleasant.

One cheerleader a few years later was told what to expect at the annual affair. But we were too scared to complain.

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We felt that our place on the team would be compromised if we did. Teel, whose name is still painted on two prime parking naked at FedExField though he no longer owns a suite at the stadium, was adamant in saying that nothing inappropriate happened on his boat and that he always treated the cheerleaders with respect.

The people that wanted to stay, stayed. The team bonding was just team bonding. Were people dancing? For the Costa Rica trip, the cheerleaders had a dress code: