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After I had my third child at 37, I promised myself I would get back into shape as quickly as possible. Do or die time.

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When I had my first two kids, for that first year of each of their lives, I felt like I had fallen down a well, a stranger in my own body. I gained almost 60 pounds with each kid and hovered around 10 and 20 pounds over my pre-baby weight for most of my thirties without being inspired to do the hard work it would take to get back to my ideal weight of because we always planned on a third baby.

Once that baby entered the world I set about getting back to pre-baby shape, no messing around. Within four months I reached my pre-baby weight of and pics of brittany snow naked stronger and better, physically, hot I ever have in my life.

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There are no shortcuts and no amount of breastfeeding that help you lose weight, by the way. I am no longer just hot anymore, my motherhood is always included in any compliment on my physique. It just further proves the point that I am incredibly average, but having procreated young I gave the tactless people of the world something to comment on. Suddenly I was, in fact, appreciative. Can a mom not just be considered hot without the mom qualifier? And not in a good way. Constantly complaining about how we barely have time to shower or put on make-up?

Why do we view moms through a different lens when it comes to beauty? Is it because we expect moms to be unkempt or overweight?

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Did anyone ever compliment a dad for being hot for a dad? That I look hot even though I have given birth to three children? Am I taking it wrong? Knowing that someone is a Mom means that she has made commitments, sacrifices, and has put others needs before hers. I think people genuinely have an expectation that moms are supposed to look a certain way; mom jeans and a mom ass, maybe?

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How about we all just stop adding qualifiers to compliments and just leave it at what it is: The end. My friend, Barbara Palumbo of adornmentality. Hot for a mom and hot for a supermodel. Hot mama! Sexy momma!

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So hot for a mom! That last one. Share this article. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest. See Hot. What do you think? Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook e. Learn More.

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