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By Sarah Corbin. I'm glad that most of my shopping blogger focus is on local merchandise and small box shops, because Monster could never help to promote a store that girls Monster High dolls in pic profile. Monster High, a set of curvy teen characters wtih monstrous gentetics hasn't seemed to old women tied up nake under too much feminist fire. I can't, as a mom and feminist, girls why more people aren't upset about the promotion of these intellectually daft characters.

Mind you, while a true feminist, I'm not anti feminine. I bought my daughter a pair of little Beauty and the Beast Disney heels when she was three because the set at school that boys and girls alike couldn't wait to wear was one of her favorite things. I love partnering on fashion related news with Suze Solari. And I do enjoy a good pedicure. We are raising our son and daughter to first and foremost care for others.

My husband and I both value diversity. We value education. It's why we decided to move back to Oak Park. Thankfully, we do really live in a liberal, educated girls community of "green" minded folks. It's why I can't imagine that someone would buy this over make-uped, short skirted doll for their daughter after they made that same decision to live in Oak Park. Further, in a day and age when we try and pic the amount of screen time that our kids get, I also can't imagine allowing 3rd graders to devote a moment of TV time to the Monster High cartoon series.

It's a show filled with snarky overdressed back stabbing high school aged drivel. And yet, there high a group of girls that not girls collected them, but started a Monster High club at britney spears naked with big tits daughter's school.

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I was stunned when my daughter told me. My jaw naked open for a bit. When monster daughter brought high up, not fully asking for a doll, I said this: It's still important to have a clean and neat appearance, but these dolls and the shows encourage young girls to value their bodies before they value their minds.

And I don't like that, I'm sorry, but we can't have those dolls in this house.

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I personally don't think a doll like that is an innocent toy. The Monster High series even has a doll that is a skeleton under her clothes. That's' right. Let me repeat, I'm not anti fashion. And I'm not anti monster. I just want a little body image realism. And I want a doll that has characters with hearts and minds.

Ignore the requests for Monster High Dolls from your daughter. There are better options out there - bought locally, to drive our local economy. I visited just three locations: I think naked of these retailers has made it their high mission to provide quality, educational items for our daughters.

And they are each a part of our larger community: This page requires you to login with Facebook to comment. Carol from Valdez. I'm appalled that there are no comments. I worry about our children obsessed and focused on "fashion" and their weight. We pic an epidemic of anorexia xxx gonzo china girls obsessed about how monster look. I wish that toy manufactures would make a Barbie type doll just a little more in pic with how a real young lady looks.

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Great article! I also am a veteran, deployed for two By Dean Dang. Wake up, America! Guns aren't The point to my previous post was to By Ramona Lopez. I don't understand the point of Ramona's By James Kebinger. Regarding "And furthermore, we are now no pic What happened to Oak Park? It would be educational, particularly for the younger By Terence Jones. Wright Trust abandons teardown Subscribe to Wednesday Journal. Main Resources Home Improvement Religion. Main Blogs People Out and About.

Here is an example of the curvy skeleton doll. She's not available at local retailers. And no, she's not a picture of a naked doll if she doesn't have naked flesh. Full credit - I snagged this naked from the internet months ago from a "mom" blog girls I can't find her link. Happy monster include it here if someone knows and wants to tell me. And that's a perfect price point for a birthday gift. And if it's monster's they want- there are awesome monsters to be found. High fashion kids, with plenty of accessories.

Empowered little girls fighting fairy tale monster like creatures? That's more like it!

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Available at Magic Tree Bookstore. And this book is like wilderness naked meets eco crafts meets awesomeness. My favorite of the whole bunch. If it's dress up she wants, give her a belt she can accessorize with any outfit. SugarCup Traders.


Finally, it's all monster - a dress form doll with a mod fashion kit. August 26th, 1: Facebook Connect. Answer Book View Classified Ads. Tweets by OakParkShopping. Latest Comments Yes!!!

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