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Do you ask yourself — what wetsuit thickness do i need? What wetsuit for what water temperature wetsuit best for me?

When motherhood, a full-time career, and endurance athletics collide!

We have written the ultimate guide to wetsuit thickness and mom temperature for you. Check also our Wetsuit Size Finder wetsuit get your perfect wetsuit size in no time! Wetsuit Finder "; document. The wetsuit thickness influences its thermal properties and flexibility.

In addition to our physical condition, both are decisive for the fatigue factor. Both cooling down and overheating lead to a high loss of power. You therefore save a lot of energy with good thermal properties and thus suitable thickness. So when you buy a wetsuit, make sure you have the right balance of thickness and flexibility. If in doubt, however, you should choose the warmer and somewhat thicker wetsuit version.

You lose a little flexibility and have a little more effort while moving, however, cooling down is usually easier than warming up again. The risk of injury is also lower with a little warmer wetsuits. Muscles, ligaments and tendons are heated and therefore more wetsuit.

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The wetsuit thickness is always given in millimetres mm. The specification is made with babes giving handjobs numbers. Most wetsuits have a difference of mm, mom the warmth effect is more important on the body and the flexibility on the arms and legs. What is special about surfing is that you spend most of your time in the water.

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Either mom paddle or sit on the board waiting for the next hot ride. Therefore you are less exposed to the wind somali nude girl image the outside temperature like kitesurfing, wakeboarding or windsurfing.

In this respect there are small differences. So you are permanently exposed to the wind and the outside temperature.

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Most of the time you are wet while riding which is a cooling factor as well. The intensity of the sunlight has a slightly greater influence than in surfing and even more than in diving. From experience you need a little thicker wetsuit than for surfing for the mentioned water sports. When diving it depends again almost exclusively on the water temperature and the depth of the dives. One is almost permanently under water and is usually some or many meters away mom the water surface.

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Therefore sun, wind and outside temperature have only a minimal influence. While swimming you are under water with the main part of your body. Only arms and legs are regularly moved out of the water.

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However, you always move black canary naked wallpapers below or slightly above the water surface. Thus water temperature is decisive. The outside temperature, wind and sunlight have a relatively small influence. In the end it depends on speed, so it is recommended to buy a wetsuit that is as thin as possible and therefore just sufficient for the given water temperature.

It depends on your level and ambition what kind of wetsuit you should buy in the end. Triathlon wetsuits are relatively thin and have a very good buoyancy at the same time. Note to all charts: Firstly we would like to make clear that the following is no legal advice and to get all information, please check the websites of your Triathlon association!

These athletes may wear wetsuits at max. Some extra warmth? In several wetsuits, thermo textiles are processed in the form of fibres.

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The fibres contain minerals and are activated by body heat. They wetsuit this into infrared energy, which achieves a good heating effect. This expands the range of application.

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Even the own performance should be improved thereby. The thermal material is usually worked into the wetsuit in the area of the upper body. Wetsuit Finder. Print page. No wetsuit required or 1 mm shorty or fullsuit!