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Inthat norm quietly began to budge, though not as wantonly as Naked recommended. Ben Daniels used his bare penis in an act of aggression on Flesh and Bone. While there are more instances than ever to point to this year, male nudity has certainly existed in previous decades on premium cable, the only on-air platform where full-frontal is allowed.

The small uptick is shameless a corrective to exploitative female nudity.

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Naked this year, Duplass stripped down in a scene on Men with his onscreen wifeMelanie Lynskey. But, legally, an actor reserves the right to change his or her mind moments before a scene is filmed, according to Screen Shameless Guild rules. Shows that feature nudity less frequently handle it on a case-by-case basis with the actor. Depending on whom you talk to, philosophies on stripping down vary.

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Pimental notes that male nudity is inherently a more sensitive proposition. For Lindelof, it comes down to aesthetics. So how much do I need to show before it becomes gratuitous? His character, Matt, trades places with a man who is paying for his sins by passing shameless days in Colonial-style stocks.

Veteran TV producer Tom Fontana was a pioneer of men in this area.

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The creator of Ozthe first cable series to feature male nudity regularly, wanted his show to be an authentic take on prison life, which often involved scenes of prisoners in solitary confinement, in the nude. One prisoner on Oza drug dealer played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, was often filmed naked, using his large physicality to intimidate porn movies in water. The naked will play men way.

So, sometimes an actor can be hesitant to take his penis out, and sometimes just feel inspired to take his penis out. Already a subscriber?

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