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Her body was banging. She has a super long torso. Lookin' like a long ass cute lizard. No idea who she is, never watched any of those shows, but do your thing girl. Her husband's hot for a bald guy too. November 6th, Megan Hauserman born on November 5 in the year of our lord, Hard to believe that this queen was born 36 years ago. Let's revisit her best moments. Lots of megan, so 3 cuts to save ur browser.

Megan was born in Boca Raton, Florida, and grew up in Chicago. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, graduating with a degree in accounting.


Clearly, this legend had her eye on the money, even in college. After college, she started rock for bikini, lingerie and nude shoots. She dreamed of being in Playboy since sixth grade. She and her partner won. Megan saw an ad on Craigslist for a VH1 open casting call, and the world would never be the same. And they picked me out of thousands of applicants. On Season 2 of Rock of Love.

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She is known for her brilliant quotes. At first, the entire cast underestimate her as a dumb blonde.

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But she used her brain to manipulate nude entire cast, landing in the final from. She dropped out of the competition when she found out that the eliminated contestants would come back to judge her.

Megan Hauserman

Soon after, she made her iconique appearance on Rock of Love: Charm School. She refused to put on clothes and wore only bikinis. She dressed her dog up like a baby. She announced that she wanted to be a trophy wife. Ultimately, she was expelled for cheating and for trying to kick megan girl while holding her chihuahua. Then, on the reunion show, something terrible happened. Somehow, Megan survived this terrifying ordeal. To reward her courage and prevent her from suingVH1 gave her her own dating show: Megan Wants A Millionaire.

The crime put an end to a golden age of reality TV, of which Megan was a shining star. In Aprilshe was arrested for DUI… while love to a strip club. Fortunately, Megan did not let her trauma affect her life. Megan is one of the few contestants who had both beauty and brains. Megan always found some way to stay in front of a camera and make money.

She made Halloween-themed club appearances. She sold pieces of her used bikinis. She manipulated old fat booty wife for money. She took pictures of armor suit nude babe with a passed-out Derek Jeter and sold them to tabloids. In she married pro golfer Derren Garber and had a son, Darren Jr.

Together, they run a diesel fuel delivery business. They live in Boca Raton, Florida. In addition, she works with several cancer charities and animal charities. Fun fact: Megan is Jewish. This is what she looks like now. Current Location: A sugar daddy's mansion Current Mood: Blonde Current Music: The "Rock of Love" theme music. Reply Thread Link. I was just looking her up a couple days ago pics I from wondering what she'd been up to.

She was fun to watch rock TV. Her torso looks soooo longgg. Reply Parent Thread Link. I don't remember Megan being racist, but Lacey pics such an asshole. Megan was such a sweetheart that hung out with racists and nude people she didnt, what a gem of a person.

Sharon threw the drink at her, and she gets escorted out? All seasons of Rock of Love are available on youtube.

Rock of Love Season 1 & 2 Cast Remembers Bret Michaels' Horrible Show - Thrillist

I binged most of them a few weeks ago. I miss this type of trashy reality tv. Yep, my dude never watched these shows when they aired, so we just finished s2 of Rock of Love and started Daisy of Love. I got him hooked, oop. She was a great villain. Sad she settled down and moved away from reality love. Wouldve loved to see her on CBB.

I always loved Heather. And she was nude girls in lakeland an episode of Sunny. This girl got an accounting degree from a U of I? Granted, it wasn't Champaign Urbana, but that is still pretty impressive.