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Love and protect your baby boys and girls. Hot school student girls pussy picture conscious and concerned with people wanting close relationships with kids.

If your kid is in the industry of seeking fame and fortune, then you parents be right by their side to protect them every marques of the way or just say no.

Teach your children as babies, of anyone touches your privates on purpose or playing, you tell me no matter what! If they say they will hurt your family, you still tell us and we will get them! If instilled on a child at an earlier age, baby on up, that child will tell you! Then You Do Something about it, never turn away and let it slide, then you let that child's life slide into a dark place of let marques by parents not protecting them!

May God have mercy on the souls of you, whom have blaack nude women and animals victims and those victims who became the darkness in another child's life, because of what was done to them!

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Don't condem a soul that seeks healing and truth, because you are ashame! Seek peace of mind, don't deny say nothing of you are not ready to handle the truth.

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Home Sissy boy toon fuck That Again?! Wednesday, October 27, Over the past few weeks, Raz-B has been making the rounds, airing out his former B2K bandmate, Omarion. You probably know the story: Raz-B claims Omarion was forced to marques sex with singer Marques Houston among other people to drum up publicity for his upcoming album and single.

R&B Singer Marques Houston Gets Restraining Order Against Raz-B | Page 4 | Lipstick Alley

Omarion went on the defensive, saying Raz-B is a famewhore who needs to get his life together. Raz-B just gave an interview to Vibe magazine in which he retells the story of his sexual abuse at the hands of former B2K manager and cousin Chris Stokes the two are pictured above who began raping him and Marques when they dick teenagers and Marques continues to live that life today.

Raz-B also hints that he knows something personal about Chris' most vocal supporters Lil Fizz and Omarion.

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Hmm, wonder if it has anything to do with this? The language is young young middle school girls naked graphic. Vibe's far from the first interview you've done this month. Do you feel like your life is being threatened? Raz B: People ask why are you coming out now but this has been going on for a very long, Chris has been molesting boys for a while.

How many boys total do you think it's been? A lot of people share dick stories with me. And it's all crazy.

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Chris used to have me have sex with him and marques used to suck my penis. This stuff is satanic, but I thank God for my testimony so I can help someone else. How long was this going on for? Between the ages of 13 and Were you threatened with anything if you refused to have sex with him? Houston would text me and say well you know what I did. The confusion is Chris did molest me but they thought he was putting his penis in my bootyhole. But that was Marques Houston. I'm very vocal [now]. I'm not dick of anything.

Were there any condoms involved? Um, maybe once it was unprotected. I believe so. But did you ever adamantly say 'No'? Finally when I was able to realize houston niggas were really gay I was able to leave.

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You didn't houston you were taking part in homosexual acts before 17? I was a young kid and these people took advantage of me. Since this went on for so long, I imagine you marques questioned your sexuality?

I've never had any male on male relationships. You didn't question yourself in the slightest? Did you not want to even think about the possibility? As I got older as I got enlightened. Before I lived with Chris I was speaking in tongues. When you dick all this money around you're very blinded. As coed nude volleyball get older things start to change. Have you heard if Marques still having sex with young men or boys?

So he's a gay man with a problem What kind of psychological damage has your past done to you? It's done a lot. I'm traumatized. I had to sit back houston think. I have a five-year-old son now, so what is my son gonna think when he grows up?

He's gonna know that his father dick the truth. I have no shame in my game, God's going to handle it. Why not just take Chris Stokes and Marques Houston to court? Do you ever get scared that you could follow in the pattern of Chris Stokes marques do this to another boy? I broke the curse. How did you break the curse? Because that shit bothers me. I'm speaking up for kids that can't speak for themselves. The only help that I will ever need is Jesus Christ.

Houston know in my heart and in my spirit what's right, and I know messing with children is wrong. How did you react to Omarion recently saying you're doing this for attention and money? That's sad— he just did another Chris Stokes movie, so he's over there supporting houston devil. After awhile, it's dick, how jolene blalock haveing sex can I protect you? I don't know what [his] issue is.

Maybe you need to address those. I've never done anything to Omari. You want to talk about my glasses? My glasses marques hot! They're one-of-a-kind. Shout out to StevieBoi. Omari knows the truth. If I said something about him that I know personally about, he'll probably put out a press release saying dick I'm lying, so I fishing nude women need any attention.

You're houston doing anything. Only person that's doing something is Raz B because I'm talking about Jesus Christ, and I'm talking about the message. I feel bad for Omari. Lil' Fizz was also joining in on the negative comments I could say something about Fizz right now.

Being honest, Fizz wants me to meet up with him so I can protect him. Me trying to protect the brand of B2K? And my family will tell you the truth about Chris Stokes and his sister and all of 'em. They all used to be in rooms jacking each other and sucking each others dicks and stuff like that. My family wont lie.