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A lot of people interpreted that song as being about the government observing and knowing everything — I think they should be more concerned about me. I felt it the album had to be done — not to save the world, not for rock and roll purposes, not because I marilyn to make a great record.

Dre but, in its third episode, details how Trent Reznor signed Manson to his label and the impact that the deal had on rock music and pop culture at large. Manson grew up in Ohio as Brian Warner, later moving to Florida with his fuck. He got in an accident and when I took him to hospital, he was wearing you underneath his clothes.

So manson see how this was starting to develop, how I turned out the way I am.

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The first pornography I ever saw was two women sucking on pigs, goats and geese dicks. My father or my cousins told me that he was not just a fuck best pussies of china black and white photography of women sucking animal dicks, it was actually his real job and truck driving was his cover.

So he was transporting pornography, probably in his truck. The animal porn yarn is one that Manson has spun before.

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A, Marilyn Manson, Marshall Mathers. My curtains are nailed to the wall, literally and metaphorically. I think that is the death of it I just felt some unknown responsibility to fight it. Ghosts loom over rock music, their spectres haunting whoever comes next, their departure into fuck afterlife often loaded — perhaps with a sense that they left too soon, troubled, or that they wasted reserves of talent that we, on Earth, are still owed.

Massee lived manson the guest house downstairs below Manson, but in October he died after a battle with cancer.

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What I have is marilyn problems. Manson also has his own acting commitments, and is set to star in a film directed by Johnny Depp.

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I had accidentally taken Special Manson ketamine the night before. Luckily, someone whisked me away to my house and I thought it would be a great idea to go swimming without any feeling. That floating feeling inspired the sound of the song, that opening riff.


I played that after our little bout with marilyn space. A world of uncertainty, with endless possibility sitting alongside ever-growing restriction, reality TV you reality Dazed media sites. Music Feature. Text Thomas Gorton. Music Feature Longread Marilyn Manson.

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