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During Slavery strong black men intimidated the white man with their strong muscular build and mandingo sexual organ. These men were dehumanized, made to stand naked on the auction block and examined like livestock animals. A particular tribe lived along the Nile River was sought out from West Africa, known as the Mandingo tribe. This tribe known as Mandingo has been come to use as a sexual term for strong well-built black men.

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I believe it is a direct belief resulting from the impact of slavery. White slave owners describe the black male as animalistic and men that they were oversexed due to the large genitals.

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On the auction block white slave owners inspected the slaves muscle strength and paid great detail to the genitals. This became a main focus for the black male. Most of these men were not allowed to nake and were discouraged from forming families. They experienced racial and sexual exploitations from the slave owners as well their female counterparts. Some white women found black men to be more attractive and better built than their husbands, men many used sex as control and power.

Many were sexually frustrated, due to the fact that their male counter parts were paying unwanted attention to also well the endowed female slaves. These particular slaves, who pleasured these white women, also received special privileges nake white males were not around.

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This mind set of power in the black with penis, continues to be a main focus in modern day sexuality with the black male. Stereotypical messages are portrayed on television, movies readings and myths about black men genitals.

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Black men have also come to believe in their penis before their brain and white women are portrayed as pure, two stereotypes that have remained strong beliefs in modern day society. Media today portrays white women in a more positive way. They are more visible on television, always portrayed as the most beautiful. Black women that tend to get more media attention are more visible as light skin women with straight textured hair.

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Darker skin black women are seen as loud, controlling and not understanding towards today black male. However the black male today has got to come to a term that throughout history he has been put on a pedestal is a sexual object within white society. With must remain vigilant and change the stereotypical ideas that black man is not seen as a Mandingo Stud, he must continue to prove to this society that there contribution to society men much more than sex.

They must also realize that making it in this world, does not mean you have a white woman as a token of making it. The Term Mandingo must be rearranged in our society to be known as knee high sex anal West African tribe that is was. Removal of the negative image that follows the term Mandingo, from the selling of our black male on the Auction blocks is necessary.

Education of our black youth on an intellectual level is needed change this mindset. Boycotting of the negative images placed in our young male minds through media needs to change. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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