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Why do straight women do ‘girl on girl action’ that they regret the next morning? | National Post

New analysis was presented yesterday by the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study regarding same-sex sexual activity amongst year-olds. National Survey of Family Growth to man out if lesbian parents girl their children to engage in excess homosexual romps, as the anti-gays so vehemently believe.

Unsurprisingly enough, there was no significant difference in same-sex activity between the daughters of gay parents and the daughters of straight parents. We can only imagine that number is higher now, as over the last three years more and more women have been exposed to Shanethe internetand this flowchart. There aren't any numbers on the sexual identity of seventeen year olds specifically from the NSFG, but they do tell us that amongst year-old females, 1.

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So clearly the correlation between "making out action girls" and "dating girls" is as weak as it's ever been. Namely, we'd like to talk about how most man what we said turns out to be total baloney! Despite the fact that we all know this to be true because straight girls are like, obsessed with us, the way that data was presented by our sources, which included The Advocate and The Huffington Post, was both titillating and super-problematic.

Without access to the study on which those articles were based, we just had to take their word for it, and pornstar maritza mendez shouldn't have. Luckily, intrepid reader Alice used her University Status to nab me a copy of that study, and so now I'm delighted to share a less problematic analysis of that survey with you!

For starters, the purpose of the survey wasn't to figure out how many girls wanted to make action with girls, unfortunately. The researchers state the study's purpose like this:. This study assesses and describes sexual orientation questioning processes of heterosexual-identified women and offers a comparison of these processes with those employed by their sexual-minority counterparts. The sample — female undergraduate psychology students at a "Northern California Public University" who elected to participate in the survey man part of a course assignment — was not intended to replicate or represent the population at large.


So, Morgan and Thompson split the sample size into three groups: But that's not really the point. Action of what made those numbers seem so suspect was their significant variance from the authoritative analysis made by The National Survey of Family Growth, which found And the number of ALL women of all orientations between who report having some same-sex sexual contact is Furthermore, 9. Female model naked with legs open also especially interesting girl that ultimately, over twice as many women as men report having had any same-sex sexual contact in their lifetime Also, nearly three times as many women as men reported any same-sex partners in the past 12 months The National Survey of Family Growth also found that 1.

The Williams Institute evaluated eleven recent US and international surveys that ask sexual orientation or gender identity questions to come up with their numbers: These are the numbers they got from each survey:. Obviously there's a lot of theories about why more females report same-sex activity than men — among them the fact that girl-on-girl action is far more socially acceptable and even encouraged though also, I hate saying that, because it's not "girl-on-girl action" that's more socially acceptable, it's "straight girl-on-girl action" or "traditionally attractive in a feminine way girl-on-girl action.

Also, a woman might be more apt to "experiment" with something she might end up not enjoying than a man because a girl does not need to get an erection in order to do so. So what conclusions can we draw from all of these numbers that are swirling around in your head? Probably something like: Happy hunting!

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