Man and a woman blow a man

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Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Men of Reddit, what's the quickest way a woman can blow her chances with you? When you see young girls dating year old men, you can be sure money plays an important role. I personally dont see a problem with this though. Those rich men know exactly what they are getting and that the only reason for that is their money. So do the girls. Its a kind of simbiotic relationship. Some of the 50 something guys I large ebony boobs in Thailand really believed the 19 yr old girl was and love with him.

I've met multiple women who used that as their go-to response to everything. You can respond to pretty much anything with "haha okay". Sometimes you'd get a smiley face instead. A smiley face is not a response, woman a smiley face. If I said I had a really bad day today, you can't respond with a ": Why yes, I do feel very: Even a simple "Hey, I'm sorry you had a bad day" would be a start! After a while, you can start to predict their responses. I said X, she's gonna say "haha okay".

If I say Y, I'll get a ": Then why even text her? Cut out the blow man and just talk to yourself.

11 Things Women Wish Guys Knew About Giving Blow Jobs

It's because she's trying man be polite but very obviously wasn't into you and was hoping you'd fuck off. I responded elsewhere to this, but if I stopped messaging these girls, a few days later they'd initiate a conversation with me. No, you haven't talked in forever, I haven't talked in 3 days, get your facts straight, lady! I've definitely been in that situation, where people are too polite woman stop talking to you.

Hell, I've been that person. But there are some people out man who just want you blow entertain them, they want you to talk to them but can't be bothered to put any effort in themselves. Needless to say all the people that have said this are coming up on 30 or beyond and are still single with no man few serious relationships to speak of. Congratulations, you played yourself. I'm 31 and I used to study women's dating ads on 50 dating sites.

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Quite a few of them mentioned that video games are for kids and they never met a mature guy who played them. I noticed man lot of the same ones on sites like OKCupid year after and. It's sad really. I used to have a problem with free dating sites where I'd talk to women, the preliminary chatting would go well, then we would never end up meeting.

So I subscribed man Match.

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Instead, I found it was filled with the women and have the most unrealistic expectations in a potential partner. I saw a lot of women in their 30's who are looking for again, at "minimum":. That man is a fucking unicorn where I live. He doesn't exist. Add in their Adonis qualifications and you can see pretty quick why blow women are still single.

I did a study on this for a class in college. Consolidated the data from the OKCupid leak and cross-referenced it with demographical data in the U. In a nutshell, a significant chunk not "most", but a lot of woman "minimum criteria" were so specific, that mathematically, they either didn't exist, or were so statistically unlikely that they'd never meet them.

And as notedeven if they did By the time you averaged them man out, if the requirements were specific enough, in many cases, you'd end up with statistically less than 1 man. Then now let's suppose she somehow finds like 12 men. The question becomes what are their criteria? I'll bet some of them play vidya and Ms.

Men of Reddit, what's the quickest way a woman can blow her chances with you? : AskReddit

Video games are for kids well womp womp you're 42 and single. I don't think women can look at a guy and know his actual height. I think they want a man taller than them and 6' is a nice round number. Considering a large swath of the population plays or has played video games, that is some terrible advice.

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This hypocrisy kind of cracks me up. Instant dismissal of something is the first clue that their mind is too shallow to be a kid's wading pool.

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As a former law student, this was the norm. Cue 10 expressions around the table from surprised, all the way to appalled. I disagree, I'd love to marry them off to the ruling class of foreign powers in order to expand my influence. I prefer a good old fashioned Ice and Fire You laugh but there's nothing sexier than sending a call to arms to our allies in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Because we have diplomats for the job you applied for.

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And your 4 heart rating makes you an excellent candidate to marry the King of England. I hate this so much. They all say they want to be treated like a princess but try to lock one in a tower and the police gets involved.

Later that day, on the News: