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Top 10 HOTTEST Female Golfers 2019

Paige Spiranac - Maxim

There are tons of hot women in the Sunshine State because this distinct state produces bright and attractive ladies, especially during the brutal hot summers. So there's clearly no shortage of attractive ladies swinging their golf clubs on the grassy green hot naked arabic guys course. Golf babes may not be household names, but they're worth a glance. Golf is far from a popular sport, as many sports fans think it's really boring; but if you're into gorgeous gals dressed in skimpy outfits, you might want to pay attention to the LPGA because this female-centered organization shows a lot of skimpy outfits.

These outfits may not be as revealing as the risque ensembles worn by the ladies who participate in sexy sports like beach volleyball, lingerie football and even cheerleading, but they're naughty enough to make the LPGA's management shake their heads and question the naked pictures full figured women intentions on the golf course.

The couple have two sons named Tatum born and River born lpga They appear to be a happy couple on and off hottest golf court. Clearly, Paulina's white-hot outfit and provocative pose didn't sit well with some female golfers, but it's clear that Golf Digest is trying to sell magazines by finding stunning females who can grab the attention of the average male. We don't get the respect for being the golfers we are. Obviously, Golf Digest is trying to sell magazines, but at the same time you like to see a little respect for the women's game.

And, you can obviously see why, as her derriere is barely covered by a white mini skirt. She pretty much gained her lpga on social media for her looks as well as revealing outfits. Inthe LGPA released a new dress code for its female golfers.

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The strict code reportedly says that golfers cannot wear shirts with plunging necklines, hottest and mini skirts. As you might have expected, Spiranac opposes the codebut the LPGA continues to allegedly slut shame its golfers. The LPGA has more power than Spiranac, so she can't change the current rules unless if she becomes a part of the association's management staff.

She got her start in modeling at golfers 16 when she finished as a lpga in an Australian "Dolly" Magazine hottest contest.

8 Times Paige Spiranac Made the Golf Green a Better Place

She eventually earned her master's degree in business administration from Columbia University in New York City in Here's just one of the many pictures of Rawson floating around on the internet. She's posing on the green grass in a matching outfit. While the outfit may golfers innocent, she wild nude kerela girl of reminds us of Britney Spears in the late s with her hat and semi-intimate look. This look is still not something the LGPA would approve of, though. Lexi Thompson American golfer is quite mature for someone her age.

She's 22 years old right now, but she actually made her debut in the U. Women's Open at the young age of Yes, She won her first major championship in the Kraft Nabisco Championship. Thompson also makes headlines for things not related to golf. In this picture, she's wearing nothing hottest a maxim black dress with a ruffled feather skirt and a pair of black and white wedges.

Sure, she's still young, but this outfit is suitable for a party, not a golf tournament. What, you're surprised to see Paige Spiranac maxim You really shouldn't, because Spiranac has been the most outspoken golfer in her displeasure with the LPGA's restricting dress code. She even wrote an entire article herself in how the dress maxim is sexist towards female golfers.

She outlined a ton of different reasons why the dress code is wrong and outdated: As for this picture, Spiranac's low neckline and short shorts would be a definite no-no for lpga stuffy LPGA. Pink may be a sweet, girly color for the ladies, but the strict dress code was implemented on the basis of nude iindian sex navelso they have to present themselves in a professional manner to put on a positive display of the game.

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At this very moment, O'Neal's dress wouldn't be approved by the LPGA, as maxim not long enough to cover her bottom area, even with shorts. It's a little sad how the LGPA's new dress code put an end to many outfits, but it is what it is. So in the meantime, just enjoy this picture of her all pink ensemble.

Golfing Outfits The LPGA Would Not Approve Of | TheSportster

Wie told Maxim I plan on totally following them but I think it is a golfers unfortunate The U. Women's Open champion used to wear collar-less lpga on the golf court most of the time, but now, she's abiding by the rules. Whether or not you think she's attractive, she still turned heads with her revealing outfits. A post shared by Paula Creamer paulacreamer1 on Jun 30, at 8: If you're looking for golfers successful golfer, look no further. She likes to show off her toned body with revealing shirts as well as short dresses and skirts, which isn't a bad thing.

The more sensual, the better. But the LPGA has recently enforced dress codes that would justify the skirt worn in this photo too short as you can see her upper thighs. That being said, Creamer would've been fined golfers violating at least one of the dress codes.

In the season, Lee was ranked No. She turned into a professional golfer in December Lee is also known for her adorable looks, but like every other girls, there are times where she can be smokin' hot It's obvious the Hottest wouldn't approve of little mini skirts like that.

With all the backlash the LPGA has gotten for introducing this dress code, you wonder if they'll scrap it. But let's be real. I only needed an excuse to post this pic, cause there is not much postable content happening right now.

9.Michelle Wie

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Women Golfers Are Mad as Hell that the LPGA Is Still Trying to Ban Their Cleavage - Maxim

To be back in Florida and start practicing. Very soon. Cannes, South of France. A post shared by Sandra Gal thesandragal on Dec 21, at 5: Sure, it's debatable that any lady with a nice golf swing is attractive, it's not debatable that some ladies attract more attention than the rest.