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Excavators discover 50 bodies buried in the grounds of a boys' borstal, which was only shut in For years, almost no one at the Dozier School even knew boys the burial ground in a clearing in little woods on the edge of campus.

It was forbidden territory. The soil here, churned in places by tiny ants, holds more than the remains of little boys. Only now is it starting to give up its dark secrets: That the Arthur G Dozier School — a borstal for delinquent boys founded in — was not a gentle place was well-established.

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Boys as young as six were chained to walls, lashings with a leather strap were frequent pokemon flat chest naked, in the early decades, children endured enforced labour, making bricks and working printing presses. When it was closed youngit had already been the subject of separate federal and state investigations. But, as suspicions deepen about how the boys in the burial ground died, pressure is growing again on the state to shine new light into the darkest days of the little in Marianna, a Florida Panhandle town that once was a bastion of the KKK and the little of the lynching of Claude Neal.

The pressure is coming from some of the school's survivors, from relatives of boys who died here, and young Florida's top US Senator, Bill Nelson.

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He wants any bodies found exhumed, identified and returned to the families they came from. So far, the team, led by Erin Kimmerle, has focused its work around the once-secret cemetery.

It little that as many as 98 boys died at the school between and Since starting last year, Professor Kimmerle has found 19 previously undiscovered graves in addition to the 31 marked by steel-pipe crosses. That means 50 graves so far. Forty-eight have yet to be located, assuming graves were dug for each body. She cites the case of one child, Billy Jackson, whose cause of death was listed as kidney failure. There is a record of his being beaten two weeks earlier and admitted to hospital. The place of Dozier in Florida's history is already set and it's a shameful one.

That is thanks in part to a group of Young survivors who call themselves the "White House Boys" because that was the colour of the small building where the floggings used to take place.

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A decade ago, they began finding one another by email and social networks and sharing their painful memories. Robert Straley, who has built a web site called whitehouseboys. Even now, he recalls the wardens with fear, including the one-armed Troy Tidwell, who, nude says, beat him on his first day. They liked to beat boys little ones because they didn't have to be afraid of them coming back after them with a brick in the hands. The older the boys, the less beatings they got.

In the town of Marianna, conversations about the school are difficult.

October 4, 2011

Calvin Creamer, 62, knew the school cobbler who made boots with markings in the heels so they could track the boys down if they ran away — and the leather straps for the floggings.

And the police didn't care either. They would strip them down and strap them to gallon drums bear naked, and then they'd beat them. Thomas McSwaine, 42, runs a pet adoption shelter in one of the old warden's cottages on the campus and has heard all the stories.

About the worst is of one night when the wardens woke up some boys on the white side of campus — this was before desegregation — brought them to a field in the dark, gave them guns and told them to shoot anything that was moving. John Trott, 70, was a student of juvenile justice in Florida when he went on a class visit to the school young or maybe the year after. There were 50 or more kids and no boys was awake watching them. I knew that wasn't right," he says, sluts in camo fucking gif adding, "I am sure there were nude assaults, kids on kids, but as for staff nude kids, I didn't see that.

The more grave allegations he has trouble accepting.

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But the boys and things … I don't nude new jersey nude beaches murder allegations. But I can't prove they didn't happen. Professor Kimmerle plans to extend her search far beyond the little cemetery on Boot Hill into other areas of the campus. She is also seeking permission to begin the process of exhuming bodies and transferring them to a state medical examiner. If such stories as the one told by Mr McSwaine are true, and she finds evidence of boys having been shot, Dozier would instantly become a crime scene and Florida would be forced to open a much wider criminal investigation, which in turn could lead to prosecutions.

For now, though, she has the more modest goal of helping people such as Glen Varhadoe, whose uncle, Thomas, arrived at the school on 22 September and was dead before the end of October. A letter was sent to his mother two weeks later, too late for a funeral and too late for questions to be asked. The alleged cause of death: No one has ever been able to say where exactly Thomas Varhadoe was laid to rest. Now, his nephew thinks there is some small chance that Professor Kimmerle and her team will find him at last.

If they do, he will reclaim him. I just want to bring him home. It was like hamburger meat'. Robert Straley was sent to the Dozier School in for running away from home. He was 13 years old and, as he tells The Independent on Sunday, he got into trouble straight away. I went and sat with a group of boys and they were talking about running away. I was tired of running and I didn't think the place looked so bad.