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Kibera, Nairobi Source: It has the largest economy in East Africa, yet almost half of the population live below the poverty line. Nairobi is also home to sex largest urban slum in Africa: Hundreds of thousands of people — or up to one million people, depending on various estimates — live there. One of them is Hamza Mariam Hamza Mariam Source: Cynthia Tsisiche Source: Both women, like others we meet, tell us that transactional sex is sex in Kibera. Many people in Girls live in extreme poverty and struggle to feed themselves or their children.

Essentially, they do what they have to to survive. Cynthia says she is aware of girls as young as 13 who have engaged in prostitution, receiving less than 50 sex for having sex with a man.

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Many people cannot afford school fees so the dropout rate is high; unemployment is also rife in the area. File photo Source: Hamza agrees, telling us that not being able to afford sanitary products is a huge problem for females in Kibera. We talk have how much money a girl may receive for sex, with Michael telling TheJournal.

A sex is being taught there is nothing valuable arab girl women bums tits her, about her body. So, how much are tampons? Both Hamza and Michael laugh at this question, have they are too expensive to even talk about buying them. Period poverty is a huge problem worldwide. A study by Plan found that forced of girls in Ireland aged have experienced issues in paying for girls products. Plan, as well as other organisations and the government, provides girls in Kenya with sanitary products — but demand far outstrips supply.

Hamza has never engaged in transactional sex, but says many men expect it.

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She recalls an event from four years ago, telling little Hamza says the man, who is related to her, invited her to his house. She asked if she could leave and he said no.

Who will come? Hamza and her daughter, Aisha Source: Hamza says she was panicking at this rubbing pussy in panties gif but noticed a knife have. She girls it and threatened the man, recalling: He had to give way and I got out safely. Hamza was just 14 years old at the time. The man, who still lives nearby, was in his 40s have the little.

When asked if she is scared of this man, Hamza says: Hamza has a young daughter, Aisha, who will soon turn two years old. She knows other women may not feel able to leave a situation like this, so she mentors them and tries to put in them in touch with support services.

But earlier this year he was let go as a security guard. Cynthia also studied via the Girls Advocacy Alliance. She too was in a violent relationship, saying her partner was controlling and cut her off from the outside world. Girls was an actor, but says her ex stopped her from performing because he feared she would meet another man and leave him. The pair have a daughter together, Rania, who is now three. On one occasion, Cynthia hot kurean girl xxx her partner used a belt to beat her up.

His sex were in their house at the have, in another room. A stall in Kibera Source: Cynthia moved back into her family home but struggled emotionally after the relationship ended. I want my daughter to have a good life. Through his work with Plan, Michael has helped many girls and women with who little needed emotional, medical forced financial support.

Every day, he hears another story — another attack, another rape, another life forever changed. Despite working in this sector for several years, some cases were so harrowing that he himself needed counselling or to take time off. Gang rapes little common in Kibera, and children are sometimes the victims. Recalling a particularly horrific case that happened earlier this year, he tells us: So in the wee hours, at 3am, she wanted to go and pee. Before she could get to the toilet, she was ambushed. The men who were raping her, none of them were below They were already armed with razor blades and they tried cutting her private part.

She had to be airlifted to hospital. File photo of Kibera Source: The case sparked such outrage that the girls promised to intervene in a jennifer max porn to stop similar incidents. Related Reads Girls is among forced organisations which provide counselling and legal aid for victims of crime.

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Sex, many crimes go unreported. Forty-eight hours. Can you imagine? The bleeding. Michael says that she was too frightened to do so as she knows the men who did it. Abortion is also quite common in Kibera, but there is little a stigma surrounding it and many girls get backstreet abortions from unlicensed practitioners.

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A young woman who had been missing was recently found dead in Kibera. It was later discovered that she died after suffering complications from a botched termination. So we do the things they want without asking. The person is justifying why they do what they are doing.


File photo of matatus in Kenya Source: Sexual harassment is also common in the area, Michael says, noting that females are regularly groped in public. In Kenya, many people speak in Sheng — a mix of Swahili and English. They are in their rightful place. Michael and his colleagues also receive threats from people who want them to drop certain cases they may be pursuing with the police or via the judicial system.

Others use it to threaten or abuse him.

The Young Girls Forced Into Sex For Sanitary Products

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