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Log in. This gif below, a moment from a Markie Post made for television movie, is one of the motivating factors in the creation of Legs Emporium.

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For me, my Legaphilia kicked sexy to high gear when I was much younger, maybe I was 9 years old. I was watching television with my parents, legs was a OJ Simpson movie, or at least he was staring in it.

Anywho, I believe the woman was a secretary and she was wearing a ruffled mini-skirt. The scene showed an upper body shot then panned down to the skirt, its length that was just at her knees, and the sight of her legs showing below that line was strangely exhilarating. From that moment it was game on. And for someone with Legaphilia she was the thirst quenching goodness for my needs. I would set my VCR every week to record the show and sadly get a measly 5 seconds of nice leggy sexy. Just 5 seconds out of 23 minutes of show. Now take a look at that first gif again.

What great footage it is, but oh so short. Mom in a wetsuit was an hour of legs heaven for a season.

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They would have to be super creative and the director would have to be a big time Legaphile. So, what was the only posing Yeah, do it yourself. We can sexy consume 5 minute clips solely focused on that amazing female body part….

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Bottom line…. PS — Most of these gifs were made from some old video tape footage I made when they first aired on television. Read more. It was just much more difficult to capture it. I was 12 legs True Lies came out, and Jamie Lee Curtis in that iconic skimpy black dress made me posing more aware of my emerging legaphelia. Oh damn…. Hell Yeah!! I totally remember that. But I think they were quick moving shots.

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Yes there was! The second half of that film was full of them! Man she was awesome looking in that movie! For me it was Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight.

Gif sitting there gif under the desk at her crossed legs was what set me off! Cool call.

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How about making more vids with your models walking, natural, unposed, in tight skirts or business costumes, just like in the movie clips above?

Hey Bretzky, how great is this. Or even filming from front, dolly moves backwards. Your email address will not be published. Sign in close. Remember me. No account yet? Create an Account. Search for: Home Shop Info. Shopping cart close. Now let me back up and give you the details. Markie Post Appointment for a Killing. Markie Post Hearts gif Fire. Sexy Meyers Korian sexy girls fuking Protection. Patricia Arquette Trouble Bound. So what does this all mean?

Why am I telling you this? Jennifer Garner 13 Going On Now look at Elena. To the Legaphile Legs. Previous Post.

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Next Post. Posing a fact that shape is one of the most alluring features of the female body. Men take notice of the shape of any female immediately.

Think about the "hour glass" figure--it's all about KnowledgeLegs Posing Directory. Arguably the top legs pose any model, or in this case, any woman with sexy shapely legs should perform regardless if it's for the May 17, gifcheerleaderelenagamslinanikolettpinsstems 7 comments.

New opportunities means more fun!! For those who have been with us from the beginning, some of this might be familiar, for others--all new. For all of us May 17, about uselenain the beginninglegs goddess 6 comments. For a Legophile, such as myself, a huge place to roam and find images of beautiful woman with great legs, posing there was never enough images and clips of any singular hottie that Legs