Latinas in volleyball shorts

Help us wish Samy a very happy birthday today! A photo posted by USC W.

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Volleyball uscwomensvolley on Nov 22, at 1: Samy says — if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands! She had 13 kills and 15 digs against WSU for her 5th double-double of the season. FightOn uscwomensvolleyball Photo: Volleyball uscwomensvolley on Oct 2, at High-flyin' Samy with the kill out of the back row. FightOn uscwomensvolleyball. A video posted by USC W. Volleyball uscwomensvolley on Sep 5, at 9: FightOn uscwomensvolleyball Felicidades Photo: John McGillen. Volleyball uscwomensvolley on Nov 10, at But she said her parents snapped her out of it: I felt alone here, so I wanted to go home.

It's her 5th career weekly honor. Volleyball uscwomensvolley on Sep 7, at Volleyball uscwomensvolley on Nov 12, at 8: Samantha bricio is my favorite she's my everything goals. Sure, shorts isn't your typical match-day morning, but samybricio isn't your typical volleyball player.

She was only 16 years old when she was called up to play for Mexico’s National Volleyball team.

Samy had breakfast and was honored at the L. City Council's Latino Heritage Month event put on by district 6 councilwoman cd6nury and president herbjwesson. She certainly always inspires us, but today, we hope she gives a little extra inspiration to all Latinas in sports who have big goals.

FightOn uscwomensvolleyball lacitycouncil latinoheritagemonth latinasinsports. Volleyball uscwomensvolley on Oct 16, at FightOn seniors! We love you! SeniorDay uscwomensvolleyball Photo: Volleyball uscwomensvolley on Nov 27, at 7: Thanks to a career-high FightOn uscwomensvolleyball http: Volleyball uscwomensvolley on Sep 27, at 9: Sirenas Especiales Special Mermaids is giving girls with Down Syndrome in Mexico a chance to show off their athletic abilities shorts synchronized swimming.

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The team and program were organized by Paloma Torres, a former synchronized swimmer from Peru, after she studied educational psychology. Her thesis was on the cognitive benefits of synchronized swimming.

Meet Samantha Bricio. She’s the best volleyball player in Mexico.

With that and a little patience, Sirenas Especiales was born. Coach Paloma Torres knew that people with Down Syndrome are often very creative and flexible. Those two characteristics are perfect for synchronized swimming so she knew that it would be a great idea to get a group of girls together.

One latinas even refused entry to my swimmers, saying that they might contaminate other swimmers! Their Instagram is filled with photos of the team holding medal from the various competitions they have participated in.

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Torres currently trains about 20 swimmers between 14 and There are three boys who are part of the team and 17 girls, according to France It seems clear that the swimmers enjoy their chance to show off their own athletic abilities. They participate regularly in competitions both nationally and internationally, volleyball sometimes include swimmers without disabilities. Our team has won about 50 medals.

They become more social and their work is applauded. The swimmers are showing everyone that you can do anything you set your mind to. There is nothing that can keep them from participating in the sport that they love and enjoy. This week the Olympic latinas medalist made history on the competitive mat just a couple of days after she confronted the USA Gymnastics for failing to protect her, and more than women, from a sexual predator.

Let us break down what that actually means because it truly is a thing of beauty. Biles successful jumped into the air and completed two flips and three full twists and stuck the landing. She tried to do this exact move on Friday but failed on the teen girl full of cream sex video. This time, however, Biles landed it amazingly. As someone on social volleyball noted, Biles, at the peak of her jump, is close to 10 feet off the mat, which is two feet higher than the high jump world record.

All of these historic firsts garnered Biles a record-tying sixth all-around title at the U.