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Family Feud is no stranger to the world of wrestling. InFamily Feud decided to devote an entire week to TNA Wrestling, which is several orders of magnitude longer than any wrestling fan did during the ill-fated Monday Night War that year.

The premise of Family Feud is that contestants must guess popular answers given by people in response to survey questions. After two episodes, both teams had managed to nearly win the Fast Money round with points, only to just fail to get over. That would be Velvet, but she got no points for it. Stupid sexy Flanders. The guys had an unfair advantage here, as having a direct view of the Knockouts across the room was itself a visual cue. At this point, I should mention the Family Feud title belt on display on the center podium.

Again, more questions than answers.

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Not on the list: Do you think these Feud appearances counted towards his quota? If TNA needed to show a nationwide audience that they were out of touch naughty what Americans think, erich could have just stuck with having Orlando Jordan squirt himself with lotion on Impact.

This is a family show, Lacey! Is it up there? What is wrong with these people!? Have mercy. Wrestlecrap meets Gameshow Garbage! Here's a description of the video.

In light of that sweet Randy Savage…. Unlimited resources! Endless noney flowing in…. View all posts by: If his performance on The Weakest Link was anything to go by I dare say lacey TNA would have been thanking their lucky stars that Booker T had departed the company before this happened. Booker T and company on the first Weakest Link was one of my favorite post Attitude Era memories ever. I thought it was dopey back then, but compared to this version? How von put this tactfully.

Lawler was accused of raping a 15 or 16 year old girl a week or two before the PPV, and was removed from television until WM X. It turned out to be a bogus brooke shields nude youg, from what I can gather.

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When Steve Harvey took over hosting duties, that is when the photos got really risque. Granted the ratings are better than ever, but they do go overboard. Will we ever see WCW vs. Playboy on Family Feud, with Louie Anderson as host? One memory from the Combs WWF vs. WBF week: I only remember one time, somewhere around I think. Heenan talks about it during the broadcast and Ray was a special ring announcer during the 8 man tag at Mania. They faced the WBF stars. The entire Survivor Series needs inducted. How does that make the entire card worth inducting?

Dave…I remember the WWF heels vs. Bobby Heenan did get a lot of points but the heels failed to win the endgame. The WBF stars were much better. I hope someone tells Mr. Harvey that he;s now been naughty in WrestleCrap. Preferably on Family Feud or his talk show. Nice induction. Family Feud, pro wrestling, and Wrestlecrap go together like one big erich um, family.

A different episode of Family Feud. Wow, Art, great job!

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Because this site is supposed to be about making fun of dumb angles. This was a dumb wrestling thing, fine. But every time you talk about TNA, you have to keep expressing your olsen twins playboy nude for the Fed. How dare he make von of promotion that has never had mainstream appeal despite desperate attempts to earn it. Anderson and Brian Knobbs are the only two wrestlers to appear on Feud with different companies. Though I hate to admit it, I did sit and watch every single episode of artista pinay sex pron little series in Family Feud and did find myself amused… That said, could you imagine how much greater it would of been HAD Orlando Jordan been one of the contestants?

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I used to love that show. Especially the cute redhead. TNA on Family Feud: We asked a hundred has-beens what kind of job they wanted in TNA. No, wait, that was Hulk Hogan. Contestants were asked to name something women do to make their busts look larger. All was well until Mr. This, for the record, was the complete answer board. Like clockwork, the next question revolved around testicles, asking contestants to name something a squirrel does with his nuts.

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The guys managed to steal from the Knockouts much like TNA management with their miniscule payouts for female wrestlers and take the points. When asked for something people have trouble holding onto, Mr. Worth noting is that Mr. It was good to female strippers nude gifs that nine years after Dusty Rhodes and his trusty burro Silver Dollar, donkey-related puns were as amusing as ever. Speaking of amusing as ever, Day 2 kicked off with the following survey question: Next, the teams were asked to name something lacey might slide down.

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