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A well-known CBS sitcom running from to King of the time, Doug tries to live a hard-working but relaxed and diet-free life, which is complicated by the zany schemes of Arthur Spooner Jerry StillerCarrie's father, who lives in their basement. Doug has quite the circle of friends.

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His best friend is the black family man, Deacon Palmer. Others include Richie Ianucchi, a ladies' man who nicknames Doug as "Moose", Doug's awkward cousin Danny who is played by Gary Valentine, James' brother in quenes lifeand Spence Olchin, a nerd of sorts who isn't the Butt-Monkey of the group so much as the omega wolf. While not part of the circle, another friend is the local dog-walker Holly, who, in spite of her drinking and trouble finding my hot stepmom f70 date, does a good job of putting up with Arthur's weirdness.

What makes the show unique, though, is that Doug and Carrie share other attributes quenes show opposites attracting. For example, Doug is a nice and friendly guy and is quite content with his job as an IPS driver, whereas Carrie sometimes fantasizes about the directions her life could have king and has a somewhat grayer moral compass.

Naked example is that Doug is a hard worker, but he likes to play hard as well, whereas Carrie is a card-carrying workaholic. Community Showcase More.

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Former Waitress: You cost me my job! How am I going to pay my bills?!

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