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Kim Kardashian sex. Example 1: Example kardashian Pulling a Kim Kardashian Nicole- Man i wanna be kim hey jayquan let me videotape us having sex and me sucking your dick and then "accidentally" releasing it Jayquan: Kim Dick unknown. The dumbest celebrity in Hollywood. Got famous for nothing and is like black People says she has nice curves but in reality she's just fat. Dick friend: I love Kim Kardashian Smart person: You're kiddingright? No, I like her Smart person: Also very stupid.

Who's Kim Kardashian? Some bitch whose famous for no reason.

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A human-deer hybrid genetically engineered to have a big butt. Sucking stars in a reality TV show about nothing. Mate did you hear about that escaped deershe has been turned into a human and now she is famous. Her name is Kim Kardashian. An ugly woman who is only noticed for her surgery.

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She has a disgusting, fake ass that makes her look like an oiled up inflated sex doll. Very sucking, but literally has nothing to be proud of seeing as 99 percent of her body parts are black. Idiots actually like her lip kits red tube models naked think they'll look like her if they blow into a glass.

EwI can't believe you find Kim Kardashian attractive.

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I thought you liked real kim. That girl doesn't have an ordinary buttshe has a Kim Kardashian!

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