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At the time of jane audition, she was 9 years old, and this fact was enhanced with clips of her playing with other child auditionees, and Amanda Holden describing her as a 'dinky little thing'.

The idea of this jesse to jane the audience and Judges stunned when she began her performance.

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The performance began with Jessie drawing a sword and swinging it in a Japanese style. She then performed some acrobatics nude picture indian womens still holding the sword.

Finally, she jumped and landed on her knees, before raising her arms and shouting. All of the Jesse were impressed, and Simon Cowell joked 'Would you like a job as my security guard?

In the semi-final, she entered the stage wearing a red dress and hood.

The Statement Show with Guest Jesse Jane

She was then surrounded by ninjas, which she 'fought' off, and then performed similar tricks to the audition. Finally, she was faced with another ninja, which she also 'fought' with a sword. In the final, the game began in a computer-game style, where Jesse was selected as a character.

She then performed her usual tricks, before fighting off numerous 'fictional' characters. McParland was a public wildcard and came eighth overall in the grand final. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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