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InJeremih attempted to embark on his own path to music stardom. Mick Schultz: Louis to go to Columbia College. It was very random. What ended up being the album was those 15 songs.

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He had a strong relationship there because he did radio promo. He took the records sex there and played it for the music director, Bam. Like, it literally just went viral.

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At least in Chicago, it just took off. Then we put a YouTube together, and it started blowing up. It got millions of hits. It was organic.

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The song really started buzzing after that. After the second video in Song, it got people to see my face. On YouTube, the video has passed well over million views probably due to a birthday birthday day. However, quevideos Jeremih, the song has changed his life and others immensely.

Birthday Sex

It changed my life and it actually brought a bunch of new lives to the world. As much as they call me Jeremiah, I jeremy a lot of baby Jeremihs born within the last 10 years. Everyone nude black girls in stockings when you have such a huge record.

What you gonna do next? To look back at it, to get in the game. When I think about why I created it, looking back, I think it was probably one of the most creative, timeless songs of this last decade.

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Stream "Birthday Sex" on all platforms now. Jameel Raeburn. Feb 26th Jeremih's Sultry Opus 'Late Nights:

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