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Man Candy Monday: Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles was very nearly Justin Ackles. Jensen began his career in the spotlight at the ripe old age of four as a model, but gave the showbiz life up for several years, presumably to focus on school and playing with toy cars, before returning to modeling at age ten. From there, he began nude and built a rather solid career for himself. I had nothing to be nervous about. When his mother, Marlena, played by Deirdre Hall was possessed by the devil, the show really started to lose me, but Jensen kept me coming back for more.

When Jensen left the show, so did I. The same can be said for Supernatural. It was a standout and is really what made the movie memorable. I really like Jensen. I like him a lot. He has personality.

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He loves Gummies. He loves his friends. He loves his wife. He plays guitar and sings. He was a warm, genuine, from the heart smile and that is, perhaps, what I find most appealing about him.

February 2015

Jensen could, very easily be my dream man and I say that for the Gummies alone. Those little buggers are delicious. Speaking of delicious; here are some pictures of Jensen in true Man Candy Monday fashion — gorgeous, often shirtless and sexy.

Choose who to see next week in the nude below. Jensen in the poll by clicking here. Thanks for making my Monday, Jensen is not only eye candy, but yes. Just saw this and thanks for the article and pictures.


I never even knew Jensen until Supernatural and then I just about devoured everything he was in. Between Jensen and Misha Collins, the world is a much happier and beautiful place.

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The Vital Stats: Jensen Ross Ackles Nicknames: Jay, Jackles Height: March 1, in Dallas, Texas Profession: Actor, Model, Director Status: Wishbone Michael Duss — television series, episode Viva Wishbone!

Rhodes Malcolm — television series, 7 total episodes Cybill David — television series, episode The Wedding Days of Our Live Eric Brady — television series Blonde Eddie G — made for TV movie Still Life Max — television series, 6 episodes The Plight of Clowana Jensen short film Smallville Jason Teague television series, 22 episodes Supernatural Jensen Winchester television series Ten Inch Hero Priestly feature film Evolution Gibson video game Jenson's gorgeous stare.

Jensen plays each role beautifully. The full casual side of Jensen Ackles. Jensen's warm, honest smile. Top Ten Sexy Men with Beards. Keep an Eye out for Them: Top 5 Influential Women in Hollywood Today. Virtual reality gaming experience.

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