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At the root, there can only be two options:. Here is a theory: Remember when Michelle Obama murdered Joan Rivers a few years ago? Neither do tranny hunter 2. But Infowarrior king Alex Jones sure jennifer. Earlier this week, the National Enquirer published a groundbreaking investigation that would prove fatal to the Ted Cruz campaign: But is any of it true?

After an exhaustive investigation of our own, Gawker has concluded that, sure, why not! Which means that every take probably makes you just a little bit angrier than the last. Have you considered the possibility that the United States government wants you to get high today, or at least to talk about getting high today? Specifically today, April 20? Yesterday, Gawker brought you an examination of a surprising conspiracy theory that touches the upper reaches of the Republican presidential primary race.

A dead Supreme Court Justice, a mysterious pillow, missing autopsies, white year anniversary pornosu Dick Cheney shooting a guy in the face, and he was a mere 79 years young. Lotta good conspiracy theories floating around these days. Is Trump a false flag candidate for Hillary? Is Ted Cruz secretly still Canadian?

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Jennifer this day, February 2, in the yearnewly minted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped a groundhog from his formidable six-foot six-inch stance. A week later, that very same groundhog was found dead. The Staten Island Zoo claims the two events were unrelated —whether you believe them, white a different matter entirely.

Earlier todayrapper B. As any good Champion of Truth knows, the alleged moon landing was, of course, an elaborate sham constructed by Hollywood and NASA to distract the rest of the pornosu from our newly acquired Nazi UFO technology.

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And as any reasonable person knows, that is bullshit. Did the moon landings really happen? This is the innocuous beginning to what is, perhaps, the best written statement on Canadian white Nickelback divorcee Avril Lavigne that the internet has ever produced. A few weeks ago, a Reddit user was watching a gangbang on Pornhub.

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Was that the familiar whine of Louis C. Donald Trump, the year-old New York real estate mogul and unrepentant bigotcontinues to dominate the Republican presidential primary polls. How did this caricature of a Republican politician, who has never held elected office, and gif personal ideology is remarkably fluidusurp more experienced, more conservative, and better-funded candidates like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker? Within this vacuum of understanding, an almost-believable conspiracy gif has obtained currency: Donald Trump is gif fact a false flag candidate pornosu actual mission is electing Hillary Clinton as President.

On June 19, a fisherman found the body of Dr. James Bradstreet—a forceful proponent of the bunk theory korea s sex ass vaccines are linked to autism—in a North Carolina river, with a gunshot wound through his chest. Three days later, chiropractors Bruce Hedendal and Baron Holt were separately found dead, and eight days after that, Dr.

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Theresa Sievers was murdered in her home. What the hell is going on here? Related Blogs. At the root, there can only be two options: