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The Star tabloid is reporting that Jennifer Love Hewitt is considering posing nude for Playboy magazine in order to arouse the interests of casting directors and thrust her career toward edgier roles.

Star is behind a subscription wall but the Post-Chronicle is among several sources with this excerpt:. Victorino Matus jennifer, like myself is married and thus has no interest in seeing nude photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt, nonetheless takes a paternalistic interest in her career. I have always thought Jennifer Love Hewitt was enormously talented. But it might work.

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And so I support her love this noble quest in the hopes it will boost her career. Hewitt, all of nud feature at least some clothing. He playboy expresses some confusion about how he might employ a Playboy photo layout featuring Hewitt. Tall nude women group shall spare you the details.

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Whether you are too married to act on said interest jennifer another matter. I choti gals sexy images would like to remain married. One of the better comments by Ms. Love-Hewitt was about her obvious talents, where she referred to them as the perfect accessories to any outfit.

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She needs to pose, if not for herself, then for the children of the world. For if she refuses, then the terrorists have indeed won. Make a one-time donation. Hugh Hefner Dies At Playboy To Drop Nude Pictorials. GeneralPopular Culturenudephoto layoutphotosphotos of jennifer love lovePlayboyplayboy magazineplayboy nude.

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He's a playboy Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own.

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Comments Fersboo says: Thursday, January 26, at Serious journalism discussing a serious actress. LJD says: Oh yeah, I forgot- honeymoon phase. Kent says: Saturday, January 28, at Are you gay? Slicker says: Sunday, January 29, at No, Brownie Points. A Concerned Fan says: Monday, February 6, at Support OTB Make a one-time nud.