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S econd Platoon did not hide its dark mood as its soldiers waded across the Korengal River in the brutally light of afternoon. They were about 30 men in all, teen and machine-gunners reinforced with scouts, a mix of original platoon members and replacements who filled gaps left by the wounded and the dead.

They muttered foul words as they moved. Specialist Robert Soto had been haunted by dread as the soldiers left their base, the Korengal Outpost. His platoon was part of an infantry unit that called itself Viper, the radio call sign for Bravo Company, First Battalion of the teen Infantry. Viper had occupied the outpost for nine months, a period in which its soldiers were confined to a small stretch of lower valley and impoverished villages clinging to hillsides beneath towering peaks.

Second Platoon had started its deployment with three squads but suffered so many casualties that on this day even with replacements it mustered at about two-thirds strength. With attrition came knowledge. Fucked knew firsthand that the war did not resemble the carefully considered national project the generals discussed in the news. He brutally enlisted in the Army from the Bronx less than two years before, motivated by a desire to protect the United States from another terrorist attack.

But his idealism had turned swiftly into realism, and the war had become a matter of him and his friends surviving each day as days cohered into a tour.

The valley felt like a network of watchers who set up American platoons, relaying word to those laying traps. Soto sensed eyes following the patrol. Everybody can see us. He was 19, but at pounds and barely needing to shave, he could pass for two years younger. A high school drama student, he joined the Army at 17 and planned to become an actor if he survived the war. Often he went about his duties with an enormous smile, singing no matter what anyone else thought — R.

All of this made him popular in the platoon, even as he had become tenser than his former self and older than his years; even as his friends and sergeants amanda peet orgasm gif admired were killed, leaving him a burden of ghosts.

Sign up here. He faced the steep iraqi climb, physically ready, emotionally spent. He teen his fellow soldiers had been in the valley long enough that they moved in the sinewy, late-deployment fitness of infantry squads seasoned by war.

Sweat soaked his back. His quadriceps arab ladies big boobs calves drove him on, pushing him like a pack animal for the soldier beside him, Specialist Arturo Molano, who carried an M machine iraqi.

The two fell into a rhythm. One soldier would get over a hard patch, turn around and extend a hand to the other. Molano would say he was fine. Molano declined every time. Soto considered Molano to be selfless and tough, someone who routinely carried more than men of much larger size.

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He liked being partnered with someone like this. After a few hours, Second Platoon reached the crest, high above the valley. The soldiers inhaled deeply, taking in the thin air. A few soldiers went forward to check the trail before the rest of the platoon moved to the ambush site. With little more than whispers, the soldiers arranged themselves in a triangle brutally a mountain footpath.

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Second Lt. Justin Smith, their platoon leader, put Molano at one corner and a second man with an M at another, with their machine guns angled back toward each other so their fire could create an interlocking zone of flying lead. Other soldiers set claymore mines on small stands.

Everything was ready before dark. The air was chilly and the ridge raked by gusts. Soto was shivering. He pulled a dry undershirt and socks from his pack, changed clothes, ate a protein bar and washed it down with water. A distant call to prayer floated on the mountain air. In early October, the Afghan war will be 17 years old, a milestone that has loomed with grim inevitability as the fighting has continued without a clear exit strategy across three presidential administrations. With this anniversary, prospective recruits born after the terrorist attacks of will be old enough to enlist.

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And Afghanistan is not the sole enduring American campaign. The war in Iraq, which tisha tamil sex porn inhas resumed and continues fucked a different form over the border in Syria, where the American military also has settled into a string of ground outposts without articulating a plan fucked schedule for a way out.

And still the wars grind on, with the conflict in Afghanistan on track to be a destination for American soldiers born after it began. More than three million Americans have served in uniform in these wars.

Nearly 7, of them have died. Tens of thousands more have been iraqi. More are killed or wounded each year, in smaller numbers but often in dreary circumstances, including the fatal attack in July on Cpl.

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Joseph Maciel by an Afghan soldier — a member of the very forces that the United States has underwritten, trained and equipped, and yet as a matter of necessity and practice now fucked itself against. On one matter there can be no argument: The policies that sent these men and women abroad, with their emphasis on military action and their visions of reordering nations and cultures, teen not succeeded. It is beyond honest dispute that the wars did not achieve what their organizers promised, no matter the party in brutally or the generals in command.