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Anyone have sex with grannyI candida royalles one size fits all and still do I always had the hots for my grandmother, she's gorgeous. About 5 feet tall lbs big tits and round bubble butt. She always wore dresses to show off her great legs.

She married my grandfather very young 16, because 7 months later my mother was born. They sex said she got pregnant on the honeymoon, but if you do the with she was knocked up before they said I do.

My grandfather was a full blown alcoholic and died young because of it. She never remarried and is still alive today.

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She was have 40 when I was born, but looked like She often was mistaken for my mom. When I became a teenager my hormones were going nuts and I jerked off all the time. We lived in a two family house and grandma lived downstairs. She always need my help with her electronics, one day she needed her vcr hooked up. When I was on the floor I got a clear shot up her dress, her pussy was wrapped around her tight panties.

I got a instant hard on and told her I had to use the bathroom. Wanna had to notice my bulge.

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When I got to the bathroom I looked wanna her hamper to find her dirty panties and I found a nice French cut pair. I pulled out my cock hardcore painfull sex gif sex it on the crotch and smelled her pussy juice and started to jerk off.

She swung opened the door and saw me with my cock in one hand and her panties in my nose. She said what the hell you are doing. I was speechless. She walked over, touched my cock and said "do you like to smell my underwear while you play with yourself? She started rubbing my cock and said "I haven't touched one of these in a long time" She said "Let me lock the front door, you go to the bedroom and get naked.

I show you what the real thing taste like, but this has to be our little secret. I went to her bedroom,stripped down, sat on the bed, she walked in and slowly took off her bra under her dress along with her panties. She said smell these fresh.

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I did, oh they smelled so good. She kept only her dress on and climbed on the bed and teased me with her body granny showing me a little at a time. I was getting so horne. Then she kissed me full on the lips darting her tongue in my mouth. She became like a animal. Kissing me all the way down my chest to my hard cock and she sucked my dick so good that I lost it have came all wanna her lips and granny. She rubbed if all over herself licking it off her fingers.

Have said I'm not done with you yet, that's ONE. She put her pussy in my face in a 69 position sucking my dick while I ate her pussy. She said "I'll tell you were to lick and then don't stop till I tell you. I had both hands on each ass cheek, licking her whole pussy from her big clit to her asshole. She saidsuck and lick my clit, oh yea right there. She was screaming with pleasure. She shook, pushing her pussy in my face. She turned around and guided plump rat rod girls cock in her very wet pussy and road me hard, getting every inch of my cock.

I was going crazy grabbing her ass and big tits. Sucking her nipples. She said I want to feel you cum inside me.

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She said "That feels so good, we have to do this more often. I said "Anytime" She took me by the hand and we went into the bathroom and took a shower together. I soaped her and she soaped me. My hard on never got soft. We got out, dried each other off got dressed and I finished hooking up the vcr 5: Guess no-one else has granny sex!

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Upload Sign In. Go back to the beta groups experience. Photos Discussions Members Map About. I NEED lot's of cock for this old pussy!!!!!!!! Anyone around Chicago want some? Looking with sweet lovely hot Granny.

Australia 0 replies. So any of u grannies from Australia? BBC looking for granny in South Florida 0 replies. Any Grannies in Georgia? Seeking a romantic, passionate Grannie in Georgia. I live in Warner Robins, GA Anyone have sex with grannyWith did and still do 2 replies.

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