I love hard nipples

Sign up or log in to share. God i love my wife! Because it suggests arousal. Also think woman fucked after sex change stimulates an instinct to want to suck in them. I am one of those guys.

You mean looking or feeling? It's a powerful tease when they're showing through your clothes Feeling: Felling them go from soft to hard Feeling soft boobs then coming across hard nipples really highlights the two opposite textures that are right on each other yet feel nothing like the other it that makes sense.

Other than them being at the end of breasts? What's not to like?

I Wore Fake Hard Nipples For A Day And I Might As Well Have Been Naked

They're flickable, chewable, and always suckable! That's trademarked, by the way! No biting my style! Hard hard are often a sign of an adrenaline response.

I love playing with puffy hard nipples of my dark skinned hottie - eric-carr.info

It tells him you are physically excited and its gratifying To nipples you're turned on. But everyone is different and its not a deal breaker either way. It either means they are cold or turned on. I sometimes notice when female life drawing models nipples harden when they are doing a pose.

If the room is warm then I assume she enjoys her job. It's just a really sexy, erotic look. And the more prominent the nipples love better!!!

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Hard nipples are a sign of arousal. It's also a sign of being cold, but hey Eh I don't get it. I have my own nipples to look at whenever I love. They look pretty much the same as a female's. I may be wrong but it feels good because we think our "hotness" or just attractiveness is causing it.

Let's just say that the hardening condition of your nipples is somewhat contagious to us! Hard nipples, means they are erect, which means you're horny. What guy doesn't like a horny tamil aunty anal sex Not saying they shouldn't-because I think boobs look better with a hard nipple.

Also not saying that all guys do.

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Hard just wondering what the reason for most guys liking it when girls are nipping out or have hard nipples. Share Facebook. Guys, Why do you like hard nipples nipples much? Add Opinion. Have an opinion? Related Questions. Show All. Why would a guy say? She has weird fantasies? Are you horny on a scale of 1 ro 10?

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Girls, do you swallow or spit? What Guys Said Dargil Master. Klaatu51 Master. Turendot Xper 4.

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TadCurious Master. Dandeus Guru. Cowboy Guru. Theguywhomadeurday Xper 7. I never noticed about hard. I couldn't care less to be honest xD.