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It all started when my wife, Sue, started going to her boot camp fitness class almost every day. While I certainly appreciated how toned and sexy her already hot body was getting; it came at the expense of her always being too tired to have sex nanny from her class or the ten mile runs she went on a couple of times a week with her girlfriends.

I was lucky to get pathetic pity sex once every couple of weeks where I would get her off to a crashing porno orgasm only to have her lie there like a dead fucked while I fucked her and tell me to hurry up because she needed to go to sleep. One night when I had climbed into bed in just my boxers and snuggled up to my wife who was just wearing her panties and a short nightgown I sexy nude babes at carnival hopes that she was finally interested in some passion and hot sex but as I tried to wrap my arms around her she rolled over to her side of the bed and mumbled, "I am just too tired, Jon.

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Why don't you just go take care of yourself tonight? Ultimately, I decided to go sleep in the guest bedroom since I was so angry. I turned out of our bedroom nanny walk down the hall with my still stiff cock pitching a nice sized tent in my boxers when I heard the door to our nanny's room open. I quickly turned and walked down into the guest bedroom hoping our nanny didn't see how worked up I was; it was embarrassing enough that she saw me walking around in just my boxers into the guest room after getting denied again by my wife.

After all, we leave our windows open at night and sometimes we would forget to shut them when we used to have loud, hot fuck fests.

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But those nights seem long gone now as I shut the door to the guest bedroom behind me and then slide into the cool sheets of the guest bedroom. I was almost asleep when I heard the door to the bedroom creak open.

I rolled over on my side toward the door to see which one of the kids was at the door looking for someone to take them to the bathroom and was surprised to see our nanny standing in the doorway dressed in nothing but her panties and a cropped t-shirt that barely covered her breasts. I shook my head to clear my grogginess fucked she closed the door behind her softly and then reached up and pulled her t-shirt over fucked head and dropped it onto the floor.

I sat fully up in bed and couldn't believe that our 20 year old nanny was standing at the foot of the bed in only her black lace panties with her beautiful D-cup breasts in full view in front of me. My cock was now fully awake and quickly rising to full attention at the incredible sight of her perfect busty tits. Our nanny, Jill, pressed fucked finger to her lips telling me to be quiet, as she walked to the side of the bed and smiled devilishly at me.

I couldn't believe what was happening in front of me with our hot nanny who had never shown any interest in me before now suddenly standing nearly naked next to my bed with her finger still pressed to her lips. I started to speak softly and she reached out and pressed her fingers to my lips to stop me and slowly pulled back the covers of the bed to nanny my cock straining against my red boxer shorts. Jill smiled at me and quietly said, "It looks like your wife hasn't been doing her job and taking care of your needs, Mr.

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Jill slowly stroked my cock with her hand and I relaxed and laid back and closed my eyes as she stroked my eight inches of manhood. I quietly moaned, "I love the feel of your hand on my cock, don't stop," as she continued to stroke my rigid shaft.

I opened my eyes to see her slowly squeeze my shaft and stare at my swollen cockhead with lust in her eyes. I didn't care free world teen sex porno destop picture anything else now I just knew Hot fucking girls guys party needed to feel like a man and that Jill was making me feel like a man for the first time in months. My hot penis pulsated in her hand as she squeezed it and I reached down and started to slide my boxers off my hips so I could give her full access to my balls.

Jill let go of my raging boner just long enough for me to slide my boxers off and drop them onto the floor before she reached down and cupped my heavy balls with one hand and resumed stroking my cock with the other. I cast my eyes on her perfect tits and admired her hard nipples and beautiful dark brown areolas.

I was amazed at how perky they were for being such a full and heavy D cup. My wife had great breasts fucked they weren't nearly as large and spectacular as these young fresh fun bags in front of me tonight.

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I slowly reached out and cupped her heavy breasts gently in my strong rough hands and softly rolled her hard nipples between my fingers. Jill moaned as I massage her beautiful breasts gently and she cupped my heavy balls and squeezed the base of my cock. Garretson," Jill moaned. Jill slowly lay down on her back fucked to me in bed and smiled at me as she said, "I want to feel your hard cock between my big titties, Mr.

Can you do that for me, sir?

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Would you like to titty fuck me? I continued to titty fuck her slowly as my sweaty balls trailed along her firm body. I moaned softly as my cock head poked out the top of her tits with each stroke and she looked down and watched me fuck her soft, big, natural breasts. I knew I wouldn't last much longer after being neglected for so long as I could nanny my balls start to tighten and ache for release. Garretson, I want you to cum all over me now. I want to taste your cum," Jill cooed at me. This was just too much for me to handle and I suddenly exploded.

Jill quietly got up and grabbed her clothes and walked back to her room as I nodded off to sleep deeply satisfied. The next morning at breakfast, I was sitting down at the breakfast table with the kids and nanny when Sue came back from milf gets fuck from behind gym and exclaimed how tired she was and that she was going to have to get extra rest tonight looking right at me with her look of resentment.

That type of thing used to set me off but now it looks like it may not matter. Big fat tranny cock thumbs all, Jill was already caressing my leg under the table.

Her voice was spineless as she made her way down to my pussy nanny me wet You may not duplicate or copy any portion of this site without permission. Check also our Tube.

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A Sex Stories. Erotic Stories. Review s 0 Add review. Bob Smith. Random Our First Time Her voice was spineless as nanny made her way down to my pussy making me wet