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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! How to shoot a lot of sperm? March 21, 6: I hear it's eating lots cum celery. But come on, what other ways of having more sperm? And shooting it, too. I'll be interested if anyone has a serious answer to this question.

On a slightly related topic me and an ex did a lot of research into changing the taste of the semen cum produce. It involved eating a lot of fresh fruit, if I remember correctly. Celery, strawberries, pineapple all ring a bell.

I don't know if this is what pron stars do, but a while kristine hermosa naked thumb I started eating Alfalfa tabs from Shaklee, and after a few days Lots was spurting across the room. No shit. I'm a little embarrassed that I may know the answer to this. Part of my research involves semen samples. If you need more volume, you how the person masturbate short of orgasm, wait a time and then masturbate again. Don't know if porn lots do this, cum. I can't recall the product, but my brother told me awhile back about these pills they were advertising on TV that did just that.

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I'm pretty sure they cum use one of the potentiating products like 'strings' or viagra. And if I were a porn star, How get stoned beforehand, so I'd cum hard. I'd be interested to see a professional response on this. Hydration matters. The less viscous your cum is, the further it will go. Drink more fluids. Similarly, the angle of the shot [camera shot, cum shot] matters.

Anything is going to look like it goes a long way when it's really mostly falling from waist height. So guy goes grunt-grunt-grunt, pulls out, points his cock up, shoots, jizz goes up [a little] arcs, and then way down. It's not like they're shooting cum at a wall where you hear it go SPLAT with some degree of force, it's mostly just falling and the camera angle makes the most of it. Constricting the urethra [say by holding it] wil help a little, as will a few of cum tips on these pagesbut you can go on thinking it's CGI if you want to.

Lockeownzj00 - I think Sweet Release is what you're talking about. Isn't it possible that the guys you see in porn films are there precisely how they are copious cummers?

Peter North in particular was known for his excessive ejaculations.

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I can't recall the product, but my brother told me awhile back about these pills… Something like this? From MY research, Celery is for the amount of cum. And to make the taste of your cum sweeter, you drink 5 glasses of Pineapple juice every day, for atleast 1. And days after that you'll have sweet tasting lots.

Guys, stunt cock, or not. You need something to do this, it's not a stunt cock, how anything. Trust me, I've thought about 'effects' for a long time and I've sex with nerdy girlfriend naked been checking out amateur porn because the girl I'm sleeping with likes it, and it seriously shows spurts.

Fluffers posted by kirkaracha at 7: Here's a patent I found for a semen taste enhancer: SFW unless puritan boss can read actual text posted by zhivota at 7: As has already been mentioned, I think you're being unduly influenced by the professionals.

Peter North is truly prodigious. The Jackson Pollack of pornography. He's an exception to the rule; an outlier on the bell curve. That said, I find that if I wait 3 or 4 days before "releasing" I get some impressive distance.

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I agree with you. I agree with someone who said wait till the last second. But these are all natural things. I am expecting for someone who has really done something like the celery trick, just to find out if it's really true. I like the sweetrelease thing, lol posted by Devileyezz at 7: Eat lots of kelp. Lots of it.

As for his famous pop shots, "Peter claims to drink a gallon of fresh, Vitamin D enriched milk every day as well as supplementing his diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, extra doses of zinc, and at least two heaping tablespoons full of Elmer's Household Glue - the white kind that you used to have at school when you were a kid," writes Hustler Erotic Video Guide editor Mike Albo.

Peter achieves such mighty popshots by fantasizing about Johnathan Morgan. What jessamyn said, that and selenium and zinc.

10 SECRET Ingredients That Will Make You Ejaculate More! (October ) | The Adonis Alpha

What's how celery trick"? You were already told that hydration was important. What do you think's in celery that comes out in ejaculation? There's no trick there, it's just hydration. Note that you don't want lots of sperm, you want lots of semen. For all you know, those porn stars are shooting how. From the abstract that PurplePorpoise linked to emphasis mine: Semen was collected lots a week [from the Rams] between days 44 and 86, by diversion during a natural mount.

Outside of Peter North, most porn stars don't seem particularly lots in their cumshots. After how hour of this, aided by viagra, any guy would have quite the explosion lots it's finally unleashed. I suspect it's that all that seminal fluid et lots is backing up in the vas deferens as you build-and-stop, lots, so forced to be a sissy when you finally let it all out it's a long length of semen coming out. The rest is generally true: I doubt it- he would look like Ron Jeremy if he was drinking a gallon of milk a day!

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Doing whatever the male equivalent of Kegel exercises which makes you able to dance your johnson around like a marionette cum that "pull inward" feeling likely gives you the muscular strength that when you cum the urethra becomes like when you put your finger over part of the opening of a gardenhose. Avoiding tight restrictive clothing that packs your family jewels into too-snug, too-warm areas Cum than that- yeah, it's pretty much genetics, and self-selecting in the industry.

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I've heard Ron Jeremy the hedgehog! It's a strict rule and he has to keep it inside for that entire week. Then apparently while filming he'll how close several times and stop the shoot in between to recoup and save it all for the end scene. He sounds pretty depressed in interviews, how his life alienates most partners and how the no sex thing for a week here and there was always a problem.

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Personally, yeah. Abstainance and stimulation-rest-stimulation-rest increases ejaculate volume for me.