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So excited to hear from my number one favorite wife Jackie and her Husband Jason. My wife Jackie is not fond of being called a whore. Fair enough, I will have to tell all the guys that fuck her not to call her a whore anymore.

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Some jackie be disappointed because part of their fun is calling her a slut and a cheap whore when they are banging her pussy and ass. My wife may or very petite mature nude not be a whore or a slut but she is certainly wife Hotwife.

Curiouslyright before I drove my wife to meet Max he texted me and asked if he was going to have hot pay to fuck her. He assumed she was a whore for hire and I made it clear that my wife was not for hire hot mom loves erection gif jason give him her pussy for free.

He kissed her continually and passionately before, during and after he fucked her. Hotwife Blog Profile - Jackie - Search jackie Jackie on Hotwifeblog - Tons of stories from this Hotwife. Hank has been fucking Jackie regularly since his first date with her last year. He always fucks her in the early afternoon during his lunch hour. Jackie always dresses up how Hank wants her and I drive her out to a cheap motel near his work so he can fuck her. He stuffs his fat dick into her mouth and down her throat for a few minutes then puts her on the bed and pounds her pussy hard finally telling jackie to open her mouth and streaming a huge load of cum into her mouth.

But this time was different…. Well, Hank finally came home and he texted me from the airport as he arrived quote: Is she available for me to fuck today? I jason need to feel my dick in her tight wife and I want to cum all over her pretty face!

Please tell me I can fuck her today!

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Lucky for Wife, Jackie was just home from the Whole Foods market and I told her how Hank was back and needed to fuck her today asap. As it turns out Hank hank not only wanted to fuck Jackie again but as usual, once a guy jason been fucking my wife Jackie for awhile, he wants to share her with his buddies.

Hank asked if he could shoot some pictures of her so he could pimp her out to a few close friends. Hank got some hot POV video of his big jackie fucking her mouth from his camera to show his friends and now Jackie is just excited and waiting to see which of his friends will be fucking her next.

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I really enjoy Hank. My jason lets him fuck me whenever he wants which wife usually once a week on his lunch hour. Hank has been out of town for a couple months but when he got back home he texted my husband and asked if he could fuck me right away.

Lucky I had just gotten home from the market when my hubby gave me the news, so I grabbed a sexy short blue dress and my husband drove me to the motel close to Hanks work, where he has been fucking me for the last year.

I was happy to pose for pictures. If Hanks friends are anything like him I will be happy to serve as his party whore if he wants me hot. I dressed quickly and met my husband as he was backing the car out of the garage. The hotel where I was to meet my date was not far from our house and we arrived early. I got to relax a little before my date arrived and was impressed with him when he walked in. He was a pilot doing some training here for a couple weeks and very handsome too.

He had a great body and a nice personality so gay locker room cock him was a real pleasure jackie me. Hubby sat back and watched as my date got to know me and me him then pulled his Iphone out and shot some video as my date fucked me every which way but loose, finally banging me so hard my head hung off the bed as he unloaded a huge shot of cum into my pussy.

He rolled off of me and spread my legs so hubby could see what a beautiful mess he and made in my cunt. I could see my husband was very happy I had done well and made my date happy too. I got dressed and hubby took me out for a round of margaritas and a nice dinner!

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I hope I get another opportunity to entertain the pilot again before he leaves town. I can hope anyway.

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So lovely to hear from the one and only Hotwife Queen Jackie. Most of her dates are jason time only affairs.

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I take her to the hotel and the guy fucks her once or twice that night and they move on. There are a few exceptions. A few guys have fucked her regularly and keep coming back for more.

Those guys are a pleasure to deal with for her and for me. We all know what to expect. The guys get serviced by my wife in the manner they want and she gets the thrill of getting fucked in front of me which I of course enjoy. The problem for her and I on occasion is with the first time repeat date. The guy has fucked her once and had a good time but now wants something a little different. On the hot date they are on their best behaviour.

However Jackie dresses for the date is not an issue the first time. They are more reserved sexually on the first date. When I take my wife to their hotel and introduce her to them they are usually gentlemen. They are content with polite conversation and often Jackie has to take the initiative sexually.

She will place her hand on the guys thigh to get him going if he is hot. That usually perks them up and they go forward fondling her tits and sucking on her nipples after they get her dress off. My wife will usually get down on her knees, wife she knows men love, and unzip the guys pants.