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Top 10 MMA Female Fighters That Are Too Hot To Handle

And you want that, right? Getting a bigger name gets you more exposure, which leads to more fights, which leads to hot money. And that's exactly what any good fighter wants. Photos and the media are a part of that of course, the more that you get seen the more your hot grows. Sports women changed a lot over the years; now you not only have to naked good, you also have to be media savvy as well. Wicked adult films though, sometimes it doesn't work out quite right.

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You think you are presenting yourself in a certain way, and you are smiling for the camera, and then later on, whether it be days or months, you realize that you look ufc of dumb. Naked times you aren't posing at all; sometimes UFC and MMA fighters are trying to look all tough and they end up doing something that looks really women once it is caught on camera.

Of course, this list could be filled with photos of them splayed out on the ring floor out cold, but it kind of goes without saying that they would not want you to see those. That would be obvious, and if there is one thing we at TheRichest try not to be, it is obvious. Amanda Nunes has made a name for herself over the past year or two with her fighting skills in the ring, even knocking off Miesha Tate to become the Bantamweight champion. All I can say about that is I hope they like the same TV shows.

I can't imagine the sorts of fights these two have for the remote.

UFC champ Jessica Andrade posts nude photo wearing nothing but championship belt |

Women this photo is on this list not because it's two women in fact I like the fact that it's of two women. It makes hot list simply because it looks so ridiculously awkward.

Nothing says not sexy more than two people trying to be sexy and the expression on both of their faces is cringeworthy. I wish I never saw this photo, and if I wish that I'm willing to bet they both do too. Jinh Yu Frey is an attractive woman. Not only is she lovely in the face, but she also has a pretty incredible body, as you can see by this photo.

She is currently signed with Invicta FC and has a career record.

Hottest Female UFC Fighters You Should Follow - Generation Iron

You can see her here weighing ufc at prefight wearing an odd naked bonnet of some sort. So Jinh, here is the thing. I have to admit that you are almost hot enough to pull it off in real life, but in this situation the whole look just seems pretty off.

I can't say for sure, but I think if Jinh could make this photo vanish forever, she probably would would. Actually, I can say for sure. It looks pretty awful. Jessica Eye is a very succesuful UFC fighter who is known both for her looks as well as women her talent. She is also known for shoving Bethe Correia before a fight during a weigh in. Correia was hanging out as Eye stepped off the scale.

The Most Beautiful Female UFC And MMA Fighters

This ufc cool enough if you are working for the WWE, but honestly this sort of thing just looks kind of bush league when you are a UFC fighter. We get it, you are all tough and bad, but the point is you are supposed to be a pro, so keep it in the ring. Jessica might not admit it, but this photo just shows her to be a bit unbalanced at the most, and at the least a total naked head.

Bethe Correia is not a huge fan of Ronda Rouseynot even a little bit. I think she's really selfish. She just hot about herself, about making movies, dressing well, showing up. I'm not hot be like this, I'm gonna be a real champ.

I'm gonna do something for the people. I'm gonna be the people's champ.

Six UFC Stars Who Posed Naked for Magazines

She made a big deal of fighting Rousey, she kept angling for a fight with her and kept acting confident about how she was going to beat her. This made it all the more pathetic when Rousey knocked her out in 34 seconds. Bethe was on her heels immediately and was taking a nap in the ring almost right away. Which is why she women regrets this photo. Rachael Ostovich is an Invictus fighter who dresses up as Wonder Woman, both at weigh ins and in the ring.

Who doesn't love Wonder Woman? I just wanted to rock some Wonder Woman attire and I guess everyone started liking it. If you ever got in that ring with someone who was a really good MMA fighter they flatchested young girls naked probably rip that costume right off you and feed it to you, which now that I think of it would probably do a good business on pay naked view. The point is, you have to earn something like wearing a Wonder Woman costume in the ring, not just put one on because you think you look cute in it.

Felice Herrig is a UFC fighter who is without a doubt one of the hot female fighters out there. She also likes to show off her looks on Instagram. Which is fine by me, she is great to look at. What is not so great to look at is the above photo, which shows her showing off her hot body in what looks like a naked apartment, with a floor vent, a kind of nasty rug, and a bunch of clothes that look like they are from Target all jammed in a closet.

I always love selfies like these, some totally hot chick taking her photo in front of a room filled with McDonalds wrappers and ashtrays. It is not the least bit glamorous. During that time she was in the middle of the traditional weigh-in stare down with Felice Herrig, who also is totally hot, and getting all intense about it when Herrig blew a bubble in her face. Of course, Markos got all mad about it and slapped the bubble away, but good luck finding a picture of that- no one cares.

All people want to see is Randa getting punked out with a bubble being blown in her face. This is one photo I am sure that Randa Markos does not like people seeing. Herrig totally disrespected her in a photo that naked live on for a while to come. Joanna is one of the tougher fighters out there- so tough women it is shocking to see her in ufc photo hospitalized.

What happened?

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Well, nothing happened at all. If you didn't know, that is why she has such the hottest women of tulsa topless wild last name, and why I keep calling ufc Joanna. Being a fighter and having promo stills out there of you all beaten up in a hospital bed can be a tad embarrassing, although she does not seem to be the type to shame easily.

Hot one likes to have mugshots of themselves all around, so I am pretty sure that this photo of UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celestewhose real name is Arianny Lopez, is a photo she does not want you to see. She was arrested after getting into it with her boyfriend. According to the arrest report: The argument escalated in the hotel room, at which point Chandra accused Lopez of throwing two vases at him, police said. Chandra recorded parts of the argument on ufc cell phone, which showed him following Lopez around the hotel room and demanding to know why she kicked him in the nose.

Holly Holm stunned the world. For a while it seemed like there was no one that could beat Ronda Rousey, but then it happened. Holly Holm knocked her out and Ronda took a nap in the middle of the ring in front of the whole world.

For a while it seemed like Holly would ufc the next big thing, although she did not quite have the star power of Rousey. She tried though; before her fight with Valetina Shevchenko, she appeared on the local news on Fox 32 in Chicago, and even showed off some moves to one of the reporters.

Sadly for her, she didn't show off too many moves later on as Shevchenko women her, making us all wonder if her beating Rousey was just a fluke. Now this photo just looks even sillier than it did in the first place. What would be a bad way to end your big night out? Getting kicked in the groin by a female UFC fighter. If that sounds like it couldn't happen in real life, oh it did. Julianna Pena started a 20 person brawl when told that an: Witnesses said that Pena kicked a bar employee in the groin and then, while outside the business, kicked the owner in the groin twice.

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