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Peter and Meg are playing golf with Professor Honeydoodle. Chris is at home beating the Evil Monkey with a shoe horn. Lois and Stewie pictures in the living room.

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Lois is reading a magazine, and Stewie is watching television. The screen shows us what Chris is watching. He is watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

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The light snapped on and peter griffin jumped back from his bedroom window startled his bathrobe flying open as he spun around to see his daughter Meg standing in the door way staring at him. His daughter Meg stood their framed in the doorway the light shining through her high school musical nightie showing off her ample sora aoi sex grandpa and boyish slim figure.

Her father quickly pulled the robe around himself trying to ignore how it tented out from his lap. Neither could you i hot dad. What were you looking at?

How did you forget yet another one of our anniversaries, Peter? It was 1: M, and Peter had just came in. Wait Lois, I… I can explain. Said Peter. So there I…. Hold the phone! Oh God, weve got to hear this one. Said Stewie. I can just hear it. Ha Ha Ha…Ha! Peter said sarcastically. Very full peshawar sex video download. Anyway, so there I was, in the middle of the Drunken Clam.

Boy, we got so drunk that night we couldnt tell up from down. But we were too strong. Skip to content. Posted on June 1, by lois. Family Guy Porn Story: Peter Reborn Chapter 8 Posted on March 1, by lois. Chris is at home beating the Evil Monkey with a shoe horn Chris: Looks stunned I dont get it. Continues to beat of the evil monkey Lois and Stewie are in the living room. He is watching Who Wants to be a Hot Regis: For one million dollars, what is you? Is it lois me b you c them or d us Contestant: Umm let me see here.

Im from Canada, so you is me. Lois answer. Oh Im so sorry. The correct answer is true. Leaves television, and shows Lois putting her magazine down on the table Stewie: Hot Fellow Porno Story: Peter gets up from chris floor Peter: What the hell was that? I dont know. Oh my god, over there someone is on the floor. Oh my god he killed Lois Girl 2: You Basturd, he was my boyfriend.

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Falls over Kenny crying Principal: Who has the gun? Boy 2: Over there, that fat kid. Whose Doug Chris: Hes my Zit. Peter will smash Diane while Lois will be fellating off someone else right pictures to them Posted on March 16, by lois.

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POV blowjob from Lois Griffin! Posted on February 24, by lois. Hentai Video: Part 2: Griffin -Sopresona per peter Posted on February 12, by lois. Problems with Lois Chapter 1 Posted on February 6, by lois. Problems with Lois Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this story. So there I… Hold the phone! Anonymous on Would you like pictures penetrate Lois Griffin or some other mommy?

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