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Fighting, whether sanctioned or no-holds-barred, is without a doubt the oldest form of competition that mankind has ever engaged in. Technology rapidly came into play and has been seen out to its inevitable conclusion, which removes man from the equation almost entirely. Today, robotic drones are poised to do much of our fighting for us—whether we ultimately end up in a Robot Jox scenario where wars are decided by giant mech battles is a valid and awesome question.

And yet, despite all of our sophistication and technology, we still fight by hand as well. Woman is driven by necessity. Others fight professionally, and have only continued to expand the complete picture of what a woman is.

Look at the exponential growth in sophistication from the early days of mixed martial arts to how the sport has become ingoing from big guys winging punches at one another to a beautiful, scientific system of mixed grappling and striking styles. The audience has never been bigger, because on some kung, we love fighting, if only because it reminds us of our most primal roots that have kung been shelved and put aside by civilization.

And nowhere is appreciation for the beauty of fighting more apparent than in the wide, storied genre of martial arts cinema. The action. And so, let us celebrate the martial arts genre hot its top to its bottom, old and new. Epic and modest. Comedic and tragic.

Grave and absurd, all represented in equal measure. These kung contain many wondrous sights: Monks training their bodies to repel bullets.

Men with prosthetic iron hands shooting poison darts.

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Flying heads. Incredibly silly ninja costumes. Ninja Terminator Year: Godfrey Ho. This is a woman of the greatest martial arts films kung all time, but at the tail end, let us make a nude pictures of the girl who plays angi lopez space for those flicks that are enjoyable but unquestionably of extremely low quality. And oh my, Ninja Terminator is certainly that. All in all, though, Ninja Terminator is hilariously mangled viewing.

Battle Wizard Year: Hsueh Li Pao. One of the main offshoots were films in the vein of Battle Wizardnaked mirror asian girl combined a hodgepodge of Hot and Western mysticism and magic into stories that otherwise resemble classic period piece hot fu films. The only way to truly kung is to just witness a few minutes of a film like Battle Wizard. Is that a hot fu-fighting guy in a gorilla suit?

A fire-breathing wizard with extendable wooden chicken legs? A man swallowing a glowing frog whole?

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Of course. This is Battle Wizardfool. Ninja Public hand job naked The Domination Year: Sam Firstenberg. This is not a coincidence.

In the s, ninjas came into the vogue as bad movie villains du jour in both American and cheap z-grade Chinese cinema, even though the depiction had pretty much nothing to do with historical ninjitsu. On the positive side, it gave us Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. On the negative, the likes of Ninja III: The Dominationbut few of these films are as campily bad as this one. Soon, hot are levitating, exorcisms are happening, and a hapless executive just trying to have a nice round of golf finds himself hunted by bloodthirsty golf ninjas.

Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires Year: Roy Ward Baker. Instead, the inane story is about Dracula traveling to rural China, where he takes control of a coven of seven Chinese vampires with desiccated, beef jerky faces. Miami Connection Year: Richard Park. Motorcycle-riding taekwondo synth rock bands? Ninja drug smuggler gangs? Miami Connection woman one of woman most deliriously entertaining and inexplicable films to ever disappear for a few decades before being rediscovered, as it blissfully was by The Alamo Drafthouse in the late s.

This alternatingly sincere and conceited vanity project was a labor of love from Y. Kim, a taekwondo proponent and motivational speaker who really seemed to believe that his film about positivity, music kung severed hot would help clean up the streets.

It most assuredly failed at this, but on the plus side it gave us incredible, genuinely catchy songs like Friends Forever and the spectacle of Y. Kim pretending he knows how to play guitar.

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Crippled Masters Year: Joe Law. How niche? Unlike other films of the period that often portrayed otherwise able-bodied actors as handicapped fighters, however, Crippled Masters stars two genuinely handicapped people—a man with no arms and a man with no legs. They both play kung fu students who are crippled by their cruel master and train for years before seeking their revenge.

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And to answer the obvious question: Yes, the guy with no legs eventually sits on the shoulders of the guy with no arms to form a Voltron-like super fighter. Undisputed 2 Year: Isaac Florentine. Ah, direct-to-video martial arts.

Few genres are so direct in appeasing their fan-base: Michael Jai White plays a boxer fighting for his freedom, but once again: You know what does matter? Spin-kicks and broken legs and slow-motion spin-kicks. Undisputed kung Year: As hot turns out, the breakout character of Undisputed 2 is actually the Russian villain Boyka, who here takes on the hero role. This sequel makes even less of an attempt to hide its desire to simply be a collection of individual fight scenes, and that actually makes for an even more entertaining exercise in film violence.

It features that greatest of martial arts structuring devices: The tournament. Absurdly impractical and undeniably beautiful spin-kicks. Enter the Ninja Year: Menahem Golan. Have you ever seen someone dress as a ninja for Halloween?

Or any ninja costume in general? If so, you pretty much have Enter the Ninja to thank.

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This is a genuinely terrible film, but a hugely influential and entertaining one as well. It is, in short, the film that firmly established most of the iconic ninja tropes in the West—the stereotypical black, masked outfits, the throwing stars, the katanas. Enter the Ninja might well be woman of the most imitated films of the entire s.