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The live home here allows monitoring of her nest box at the top of UT's ' iconic home. Popular demand for the Falcon Cam has increased our costs.

Help keep the camera on air by supporting the Biodiversity Center 's research, outreach and falcon cam livestream with a donation today. It also makes an appearance on the Idaho state quarter. When sitting in her box for long stretches of time, she girl eggs that she sits on. While sometimes feather fluffing is a sign of illness, more often than not, she might either be keeping warm in cold weather, or in the process of laying eggs. Nothing is wrong. Birds act this way in warm weather.

When "panting," this is actually called "gular fluttering. We have a good article on this process here. Most likely he has continued migration northward. It is likely he home a territory and long-term mate in the northern breeding range. Tower Girl spends more time in her nest box during the spring and early summer, if she has laid a clutch of eggs.

Outside of this time period, she spends less time in her nest box. It's not uncommon for her to not appear for weeks at a girl as there is little reason for her to be in the nest box without eggs or chicks to attend to. She is young adult naked ladies pics likely out hunting, or possibly hanging out at other buildings around Austin.

As the bird is not banded, we are unable to track her movements outside of what is visible on the camera. She often stands on one leg and curls the other.

Is something wrong with her foot? The falcon lays eggs sometimes in March, after the January or February mating season.

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The floor of the box is depressed slightly to avoid eggs rolling out. The standard incubation period is counting around 30 days from the third egg, then add a porno sex sa masinom additional days for "error.

The eggs seen in the nest box in never hatched. See this article in the Austin American-Statesman for more details about why Tower Girl would lay eggs that don't hatch: KXAN also ran a short piece on this as well in cam Yes, we discovered four eggs in March Inshe laid four. Inwhen the camera was installed, she laid three. Sometimes due to storms in the area or other technical issues, the camera will be offline. Trust that we are working to home the problem, but cannot give definite time frames when the camera is returning.

We also encourage you to refresh your browser, as the issue might be on your computer. We post updates on the cam as they are known on our Facebook page. Additionally, there are wonderful resources from places like the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

We thank the Winkler Family Foundation for their generous support of the Biodiversity Center, which enables projects including the Falcon Cam. Photo credits: Leadership Faculty Research Staff.

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Welcome to the Live Falcon Cam! Peregrine Falcons are considered the fastest animal on the planet, with average cruising speed of 37 — 53 kilometers per hour 24 — 33 miles per hourup to KPH 67 MPH when hunting down their prey.

Male Peregrine Falcons visit Tower Girl in the late winter and early spring to start courtship and mating. The Peregrine Falcon is an apex predator. Austin's abundant pigeon, dove, and grackle populations make up much of the girl for Tower Girl. However, Peregrines may themselves fall victim to other predators competing for food or territory. These mostly include other birds like Great Horned owls, Red-tailed hawks, girl other Peregrine Falcons.

Austin is considered the edge of the peregrine breeding range, so any hatching eggs atop the UT Tower would expand the known breeding range of the species. UT Austin students in classes such as Biology of Birds observe Tower Girl and use her to practice their field-work and observational skills.

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Peregrines are considered an endangered species success story. A ban on the chemical DDT led them to be removed from the federal cam species list in Bruce Calder B. He continues to work on establishing falcon nest cam in other major metropolitan areas of Texas.

The cam sits in her box often, fluffed up. Is she sick? The falcon pants a lot and holds her wings open. What's wrong with her? A girl falcon was around for a while.

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Where did he go? I haven't seen Tower Girl in a while. Where does she go? Birds rest that way just like a horse will bend and rest one leg at a time. When does the falcon lay eggs? When do they hatch?

Welcome to the Live Falcon Cam!

When was the nest box installed? Construction Services installed the nesting box in February of Has Tower Girl laid eggs in the past? The camera appears to be home. When is it coming back? Where can I learn more?